HMC Clinical Dietitian warns about dangers of energy drinks

  • 2 years   ago
HMC Clinical Dietitian warns about dangers of energy drinks

Energy drinks give a misguided feeling of energy and trap the body into remaining alert for more, and over-utilization of these beverages can have negative health outcomes, said a senior Clinical Dietitian. 

Zohair Ali Al Arabi, a Senior Clinical Dietitian at Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC), has likewise stressed the significance of healthy dieting for students getting ready for exams. 

"The facts demonstrate that Energy drinks will make you feel progressively alert and lively, however it's a false feeling that results in diversion, poor memory, and keeping awake until late. 

This will make students drowsy and sluggish when they need their concentration and mental sharpness. Energy drinks contain large amounts of caffeine and stimulants that students don't need, and drinking milk or juice is an a lot more advantageous decision than these stimulants," said Al Arabi. 

He said numerous individuals are misdirected by cases that Energy drinks increment center and improve execution. He takes note of that getting adequate rest and eating a reasonable and nutritious eating routine is fundamental for helping students perform well on their tests. He likewise focuses on the significance of remaining hydrated, saying that even gentle parchedness can prompt tiredness, cerebral pains, and decreased fixation. 


"As the test season begins, numerous guardians will experience pressure even before their kids. Guardians can enable their kids to keep up solid propensities that will keep them fit as a fiddle for their tests by urging them to eat a nutritious eating routine, get adequate rest, and get ordinary exercise," said Al Arabi. 

"Guardians assume a noteworthy job in guaranteeing their youngsters approach nutritious nourishments and should design the day's primary dinners - breakfast, lunch, and dinner – just as a couple of tidbits. Suppers ought to contain a blend of the six noteworthy nutrition classes as each assumes a significant job. 

Starches give vitality; milk, cheddar, and other dairy items, and their choices give calcium; protein is a significant structure obstruct for the bones, muscles, ligament, skin, and blood; and products of the soil give significant nutrients and minerals that are fundamental for center and continuance. 

Feast getting ready for students is significant as ignoring dinners may result in poor focus and memory in light of the fact that the mind can't work appropriately on a vacant stomach," included Al Arabi. 

Eating a fluctuated, well-adjusted eating regimen means eating an assortment of nourishments from every one of the six nutrition types day by day, in the prescribed sums. It is likewise essential to pick an assortment of sustenances from inside every nutritional category. 

Al Arabi suggests having breakfast somewhere in the range of 6am and 8am and said a supper containing milk, bread, cheddar or Labneh, solid fat like olive oil, and vegetables, for example, tomatoes and cucumbers, is an extraordinary decision. 

He prescribes a tidbit among breakfast and lunch, proposing a bit of natural product, and said rice, meat, and cooked vegetables or serving of mixed greens is an extraordinary decision for lunch.