HERO TWINS: Brave Qatari twins save 10 people from death

  • 1 month ago
HERO TWINS: Brave Qatari twins save 10 people from death

There's been another heroic story. ⁠

Twin brothers Abdullah and Saleh, known as "Twins22", saved ten people from death after a fire broke out in a house next to their home in the Al-Aziziya area on Saturday. ⁠

Abdullah and Saleh Al-Saadi saw flames and smoke rising from the house and heard children and women screaming for help. They did not wait for the arrival of the Civil Defense Forces and rushed to rescue the family from the fire. ⁠

They were not able to reach one of the domestic helpers on the upper floor of the house until the Civil Defence forces arrived and used advanced equipment to save her. The Civil Defence thanked the twins for their courage. There were no casualties.


The twins Abdullah and Saleh, known as “Twins 22”, did not wait for the arrival of the Civil Defense Forces, and rushed to the rescue of the people in the house after they saw flames and thick smoke rising from the house, and when they rushed to the house next door they heard the sounds of calls for help from women and children who were stuck in the room, and the fire was surrounding them, but the brothers were able to enter and get the people stuck in the house. The civil defence personnel thanked the twins for their courage and for their help in saving their neighbours despite the rising smoke that left them short of breath.

Saleh al-Saadi said he was sitting with his brother when they noticed smoke rising from a nearby house, and as the smoke increased, he quickly went to see what was happening and as soon as they arrived they saw the flames almost engulfing the house and heard the sounds of distress from inside.

He added that he and his brother managed to get all those who were in the house safely thank God, as many of them were in a state of exhaustion as a result of the thick smoke, and some of them were unconscious. He pointed out that he was unable to reach one of the maids who were on the top floor of the house, as the flames were heavy in the main hall of the house, which prevented him from reaching the top floor, until the Civil Defense Forces arrived and used advanced equipment to rescue the maid.

He explained that he and his brother did a full sweep of the ground floor of the house to find anyone who may be injured or unconscious and cannot call for help. He pointed out that everyone who was present at the house was either a child or a woman , and the head of the family was not present but was at work outside the house, creating panic among children and women for fear of the fire, which widened dramatically in a few moments and spread throughout the house. He noted that it was his brother who contacted the Civil Defense Forces, who thanked them for their courage in helping the neighbors and help save the family. Stressing that He and his brother have only done what had to be done in such a situation, because it is a humanitarian duty.

He pointed out that despite suffering from asthma, he did not hesitate for a moment to help the people of the house who were about to die. He explained that he had shortness of breath and the ambulance service provided him with the necessary medical assistance until his condition improved. He noted that he had received numerous phone calls to thank him and his brother for their courage in saving their neighbors. Stressing that there is no need for thanks, because it is everyone’s duty.