Fuwairit Beach closed till August for turtle nesting season

  • 2 years   ago
Fuwairit Beach closed till August for turtle nesting season

The Ministry of Municipalities and Environment declared the conclusion of Fuwairit Beach from April 1, 2019 till August 1, 2019, for the security of imperiled ocean turtles amid the nesting season. 

This comes extremely close to the framework of the service to safeguard wildlife, as per Ministerial Resolution No. (37) of 2010 on the preservation of turtles and seabirds from extinction. 

The Ministry appealed to citizens and residents not to approach the turtle nesting areas, not to direct light at them and not to make any disturbing sounds nearby those who visit the beaches and northern islands (Fuwairit, Al Ghariyah, Al Huwailah, Al Mafjar, Umm Tiss Island, Rukan and Shrao’s Island).

The Ministry asked everybody to quickly report any infringement committed by individuals against the turtles on 998. 

The turtle season of 2018 has set an unprecedented record in the quantity of young turtles - 5,010 - propelled into the ocean. 


Wildlife life and Protection Department has chosen a team of highly qualified environmental inspectors and observers, under the immediate supervision of Omar Salem Al Nuaimi, Director of Wildlife and Protection Department at the Ministry, to do handle work and regulate the venture site. A preparation workshop and field preparing for the team were directed by specialists and pros. 

Different phases of turtle settling season at Fuwairit Beach 

• Qatar is the home to three types of ocean turtles, the most essential of which is the hawksbill, which is of extraordinary significance to the area for environmental reasons. 

• The service group gathers different information on turtle settling season, including date, time and separation between the home and the edge of the water. 

• Eggs are moved from the tidal zone to a more secure put in, in a similar request as the eggs are found in the home into another home so as to maintain a strategic distance from home flooding. 

• Team individuals will at that point mark the home areas with the home image, number of eggs and the conceivable date of egg bring forth. 

• Team individuals block female turtle when coming back to the ocean in the wake of settling and they log distinctive estimations, for example, weight, tallness length and width of the arms. 

• Team individuals put blemishes on all turtles found in homes so as to recognize them. Satellite GPS beacons are joined to certain turtles. 

• Turtle eggs bring forth after hatching time of 50 to 60 days and youthful turtles at that point move towards the ocean. 

• The new clump of hawksbill stays in the waters of Qatar until it sustains and develops for 20 days.