Free parking space for Metro users

  • 8 months   ago
Free parking space for Metro users
Free parking space for Metro users

The Ministry of Transport and Communications (MoTC) announced Wednesday that a  total of 700 free parking spaces will be available for the public near Al Qassar and Al Wakra metro stations

According to a statment released -while the parking area near Al Qassar Metro Station will open on Friday, 17th, the one near Al Wakra Metro Station is scheduled to open on Sunday, January 26.

The project aims to encourage vehicle owners to use the modern public transportation systems to and from their destinations to save time and cost and comes in line with MoTC’s ‘Park and Ride’ (P&R) Project, which provides parking spaces free of charge adjacent to Doha Metro stations.

The P&R Project is a part of MoTC’s Public Bus Infrastructure Programme. It supports the country’s public transportation network and Doha Metro services for citizens, residents, visitors and 2002 FIFA World Cup Qatar fans.

This project is another example of the considerable attention MoTC pays to provide modern and highly efficient facilities and parking spaces strategically distributed across the country to encourage the public to use the country’s modern, sustainable and eco-friendly public transportation, the statement said.

Meanwhile, work continues between MoTC and several bodies concerned to complete and deliver free parking spaces in other two locations; Lusail and Education City, which are planned to open in late March.

Additionally, contracts have been awarded for establishing five new bus stations in the context of the Public Bus Infrastructure Programme in areas of Al Wakra, Lusail, Al Sudan, Education City and Industrial City and works are expected to complete in third quarter.

This will help further improve the services on public roads and at major intersections by achieving smoother traffic flow, less congestion and less carbon emissions, the statement added.

Furthermore, Doha Metro has announced extended service hours for Thursdays and Fridays  from this weekend, January 16.
They will operate trains from 6am to 11:59pm on Thursdays and from 2pm to 11:59pm on Fridays.

On other days – Saturday to Wednesday - they will operate from 6am to 11pm.

Doha Metro regularly extends their hours for various sporting events like the FIFA Club World Cup matches to help fans commute easily from the stadium after late matches.


The popularity of Doha Metro has kept on growing as more and more people are getting ascustomed to the excellent service provided by MoTC.