Four-day traffic diversion on Salwa Road from Thursday

  • 2 years   ago
Four-day traffic diversion on Salwa Road from Thursday

Ashghal will impact a temporary diversion for four days from Thursday on Salwa Road eastward carriageway between Rawdat Rashed Interchange (Exit 29) and Mesaieed Interchange (Exit 24) for a separation of 2.2km to permit the establishment of gantries at Mesaieed Interchange. 

The proposed preoccupation, planned in co-appointment with the General Directorate of Traffic, will stay set up until Sunday (November 25). 

As appeared on the guide, the activity traveling eastward on Salwa Road towards Doha will be occupied toward the westward carriageway after Rawdat Rashed Interchange and will come back to typical stream before achieving Mesaieed Interchange. 

Amid the redirection, the quantity of paths will be decreased from four paths to two paths with the end goal to suit activity development in the two headings. 


Amid the activity change, the correct turn exit at Mesaieed Interchange will be briefly shut and street clients heading from Bu Samra towards Mesaieed will pursue the signs and utilize the three circles to exit Mesaieed Interchange towards Mesaieed. 

The impermanent realignment of Salwa Road will keep activity access from Salwa Service Road to Salwa Road. Street clients will be coordinated to Rawdat Rashed Interchange through which they can get onto Salwa Road. 

Ashghal will introduce street signs informing drivers with respect to the conclusion. The expert demands all street clients to comply with as far as possible (greatest of 80kph) for this segment of Salwa Road, and pursue the street signs to guarantee security.