First batch of nursing students from UCQ to join Sidra Medicine

  • 4 weeks   ago

One of Qatar’s most advanced and leading hospitals welcomes its first batch of undergraduate nursing students for training. 

15 undergraduate nursing students from the University of Calgary in Qatar (UCQ) have joined Sidra Medicine for clinical placements. The students will work under the supervision of the nursing team at Sidra Medicine for the duration of a 12 week rotation period. The training program encapsulates the pediatric specialties available, as they will be learning about evidence-based nursing practice through the application of the nursing process.  

The program is part of the Bachelor of Nursing Program at UCQ, under the childbearing/childrearing families’ clinical course. 

Sidra Medicine tweeted “Congratulations to the first batch of undergraduate nursing students from @UCQNursing for their clinical placements at our hospital. We wish you all the best in your training and learning journey with us.” 

And the Acting Chief Nursing Officer at Sidra Medicine, Ms. Judy Dawson-Jones herself congratulated the incoming batch of trainees saying, “Congratulations and welcome to our undergraduate nursing students from the University of Calgary in Qatar. This is an exciting time for Sidra Medicine as we train the next generation of healthcare professionals. An important part of becoming a competent nurse is observation and performance in the clinical practice setting in order to apply classroom learning to real-life scenarios." She added, “We are committed to ensuring that the UCQ students will have a comprehensive learning experience that will last a lifetime for their future successful careers. Nursing is one of the bridges that leads, supports and guides our patients and families to a healthier place. We are happy that the students are joining us on this journey through their commitment to learning,"


Furthermore, the Nursing Practice Coordinator at the University of Calgary Qatar, Ms. Diana White said, “The University of Calgary in Qatar nursing students have been eagerly anticipating the opportunity to practice their nursing skills at Sidra Medicine.  Every semester students and faculty ask when they will be able to work with at the hospital. On behalf of UCQ faculty and students thank you for all the time and effort that has gone into preparing this clinical placement opportunity.”