Fine Arts Group showcase their creativity with artistic paintings at Al Khor’s Halitan Market Square

  • 2 months   ago

Twenty gifted participants showcased their diverse artistic paintings, depicting aesthetics of Qatari heritage and architecture.

The Fine Arts Group launched their open-air painting activities yesterday at the Halitan Market Square in Al Khor with nearly 20 gifted participants, showcasing their creativity with artistic paintings, depicting aesthetics of Qatari heritage and architecture.

The organizing committee, in a statement to the local Arabic press, expressed the fact that this artistic meeting had borne fruit due to the production of a large number of distinguished works that enhance opportunities for artistic dialogue between creators, opening up a platform for the artists to learn more about the experiences of others through interactive dialogue and actions. 



The various artists represented different generations, and various artistic schools collaborating and co-operating with each other, to depict aesthetics of Qatari heritage and architecture through their art.

Artist Mohammed Al-Ateeq, one of the artistic tour organizers, stated that one of the most important goals of the event was to introduce the tourist areas in Qatar, document the traditional Qatari heritage and architecture, and post these events through social media platforms and virtual exhibitions.

This is the second trip of the free-drawing group, after the phenomenal success of the first experience at Farkia Beach, which prompted them to repeat this experience, which is evident by the high attendance and the interest shown by the participants.

For her part, the artist Saeeda Al-Badr said that she had joined the group since its inception last year, through a mobile application and then moved to various social media platforms which included 80 members and trips to live painting exhibitions in various part of the country. 

Artist Hassan Al-Mulla emphasized that this trip resulted in the production of many wonderful works showcasing Qatari architecture and heritage, expressing his happiness with the tremendous co-operation between artists which allowed all the various participants to witness each other's art and thereby achieve the maximum benefit possible.

Artist Nada Wahab expressed her happiness in participating with other artists whom she described as highly skilled and creative, thus enabling her to depart from her usual portrait and abstract art to participate in a day in architectural paintings.

Artist Rawda Ibrahim showed her appreciation by stating that all the artists were very co-operative and creative, resulting in bringing out the charming nature and the genius of Qatari heritage.

Another participant, Abdullah Al-Mutawaa praised the event, stressing that he had benefited a lot as the event was devoted to discussions about contemporary art and ancient buildings in engineering design, learning lines and inscriptions, and employing the shadow and light play, especially in the early morning.

Artist Bashir Al-Ansari, confirmed that this was the second experience he has had with artists' group, but this time, it was different as he got acquainted with Qatari architecture and urban style of design.

Artist Adel Al-Ashry emphasized that the most characteristic part of the trip was the calm weather and the beauty of the scenery, all of which enabled artists to present their creative abilities from an engineering perspective, stressing that ancient architecture has a lot of creativity, which is depicted beautifully by the various artists.

Suad Al-Dossary, thanked all those involved in this memorable artistic trip of the Fine Arts Group, as it gave her an opportunity to get acquainted with some fine artists and witness different forms of art, where each of them adorned various styles and emphasized that such events are capable of promoting and developing the local aesthetics of Qatari heritage and architecture.