Emergency Service for Deaf People in Qatar

  • 1 month ago

The Ministry of Interior (MoI) is keen to provide its services to various segments of the society in a modern and innovative way at an excellent performance standard.

The 'Emergency Service for the Deaf' is one these services offered by the Ministry to deal with deaf and ensure quick response to their calls in case of facing any emergency situation in a modernistic way round the clock. The service is offered on the number '992.'

How to Get the Service

The deaf people can communicate with the 'Emergency Service for the Deaf' in three ways:

  • Calling '992' by using 3G Camera from computer or mobile phone.
  • Sending SMS to Emergency Services Section on 992.
  • Sending email to : 992@moi.gov.qa

Requirements for the Service

  • The beneficiary should be a deaf.
  • To not depend only on sending a SMS to the call center, because there may be a delay as it depends on the service of the mobile network provider in the country. The sender must ensure the delivery of his message to the Section by communicating with the Police..
  • When sending a SMS, the sender should mention clearly the type of the problem and service needed such as 'Ambulance, Civil defense and Police', and the name of the user and the address, and the injuries or deaths if occurred.
  • In case of violating the rules of this Service, the Ministry of Interior will be taking legal actions against the misusers.



Contact the Ministry of Interior at the following hotlines:

NCC Call Centre: 44526666

Direct Phone:44526300

Extension: 44526398

Fax: 44526677

SMS to: 992