Earth at farthest point from Sun on July 4: Qatar Calendar House

  • 5 months   ago

Our blue planet "Earth" will be at farthest point in its orbit around the sun (aphelion) on Saturday, July 4, 2020, at 02:35 Pm Doha local time; where it will be at 152 Million Kilometers approximately from the sun's center; while it was at 147 Million Kilometers from the sun's center on Sunday, January 5, 2020. Qatar Calendar house (QCH) announced.

Astronomer expert at QCH "Dr. Beshir Marzouk" said Earth (and all planets) moves in its orbit around Sun on Ellipse (elliptical) orbit, so the distance between Earth and the Sun's center varies (when the Earth arrives Perihelion and Aphelion points) by approximately 3%, moreover, the average distance between Earth and Sun is called Astronomical Unite (AU), where one AU equals 149.7 million kilometers approximately. 

As known, Earth reaching to aphelion point on July every year, while it arrives to perihelion point on January every year. Moreover, on 4 July, the sun appears smaller in the sky than at any other time of year.

Earth's high and low temperature does not depend on the Earth's distance from the Sun as the Earth at the farthest point from Sun during summer, while the Earth at the nearest point from Sun during winter. The temperature in summer is higher than winter because of the tilting of Sun's ray on the earth. Where during the summer, the Sun's rays hit the Earth at a more direct angle (vertical) than during winter, and also because of the days are much longer than the nights during the summer on northern hemisphere, while during the winter, the Sun's rays hit the Earth at an extreme angle (Sun's ray is tilting on the northern hemisphere), and the days during winter are shorter. Dr. Marzouk added. 

Our planet "Earth" is the third planet from the Sun and it's the only object in all universes known to harbor life, moreover, Earth revolves around the Sun one time every 365.2422 days, it is known a length of a Gregorian year.

Source: Qatar Calendar House