Doha-based young entrepreneurs develop mobile app for FIFA World Cup 2022

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Doha-based young entrepreneurs develop mobile app for FIFA World Cup 2022
AWALAN team members, FROM LEFT: Mohamed Amara; Johanne Medina; and Keivin Isufaj posing with their Al-Fikra Awards. Pic: Abdul Basit / THE PENINSULA

Doha-based young entrepreneurs have built up a mobile application which is expected to help convey a successful seating the board for fans that will watch the FIFA World Cup 2022 games. 

The new company 'AWALAN', is one of the champs of the Al-Fikra 2019 competition which was composed by the Qatar Development Bank (QDB) recently. 

The new company is headed by its Chief Executive Officer Dr Roda Al Qebaisi; with colleagues Mohamed Amara, Johanne Medina, and Keivin Isufaj. The team had won the QDB's Al-Fikra Startup Award, a challenge for general business ideas in Qatar. 

Addressing The Peninsula on the sidelines of the occasion, Amara stated: "The organization built up an technology that facilitates seating the executives in big events. Our Main target are the World Cup 2022 arenas, and ideally we will complete a major commitment to the games that are coming to Qatar. 


"The invention comprises of an hardware, sensors, and service buttons that will be joined to the seats. A mobile application will likewise be given to the organizers, and there will be a major information base which will store every one of the information and perform brilliant prescient analysis to help organisers in each match". 

Medina included that through the application, organisers will see which seats are already occupied. She stated: "Our product additionally includes a sensor and an emergency button which are associated with the application through Internet of Things (IoT). 

The sensor is utilized to detect occupancy which is valuable for the organizers while the button is for emergency purposes which will be helpful for the visitors of an occasion". 

About 1.5 million fans are expected to watch the forthcoming Fifa World Cup which Qatar will host in 2022. The games will be played in eight arenas over Qatar, with Lusail Stadium having the biggest capacity with regards to roughly 87,000 people. 

Amara likewise said the organization intends to extend significantly further by covering other huge events and arenas beside the World Cup 2022. He stated: "After World Cup, we're planning to extend to considerably greater occasions like NFL ball; and even shows, big meetings, and other enormous scale occasions or even occasions with little venues like cinemas. 

"Additionally, we have a significant trip to the US toward the beginning of 2020. Next year we’re visiting Harvard, and we're going to execute our invention in a portion of the stadiums in the US. So we're intending to go universally hopefully very soon," he included.