DFI-supported films win Oscar nominations

  • 6 months   ago
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A scene from The Cave
DOHA: Two films supported by Doha Film Institute (DFI) grants have won Oscar nominations, which were announced Monday.
While 'The Cave' by Feras Fayyad has been nominated in the Best Documentary Feature category, 'Brotherhood' by Meryam Joobeur is a nominee in the Best Live Action Short Film segment. 
"Congratulations to the entire teams of 'The Cave' and 'Brotherhood', two DFI-granted films that earned #Oscar noms today," DFI tweeted Monday.
Oscar nominee Feras Fayyad (“Last Men in Aleppo”) delivers an unflinching story of the Syrian war with his powerful new documentary, The Cave. 
For besieged civilians, hope and safety lie underground inside the subterranean hospital known as the Cave, where pediatrician and managing physician Dr Amani Ballour and her colleagues Samaher and Dr Alaa have claimed their right to work as equals alongside their male counterparts, doing their jobs in a way that would be unthinkable in the oppressively patriarchal culture that exists above. 
Following the women as they contend with daily bombardments, chronic supply shortages and the ever-present threat of chemical attacks, The Cave paints a stirring portrait of courage, resilience and female solidarity.
Brotherhood (Ikhwène) is a short film, directed by Meryam Joobeur and released in 2018. 
A co-production of companies from Canada, Tunisia, Qatar and Sweden, the film explores the tensions within a Tunisian family when a man who has been away for several years returns home with a new Syrian wife who wears the full niqab, igniting his father's suspicions that his son has been fighting for the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant.
The film's title was chosen to reflect both the familial connotations of the word "brotherhood" and its use in the name of the controversial Islamist organization Muslim Brotherhood. 
The film premiered at the 2018 Toronto International Film Festival, where it won the award for Best Canadian Short Film. In December, it was named to TIFF's year-end Canada's Top Ten list.
At the 3rd Prix Iris in 2019, the film won the award for Best Live Action Short Film.
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