Day, night equal in duration on Monday

  • 8 months   ago
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The Sun will be exactly vertical on Earth's equator on Monday, September 23, 2019, at 10:50am Doha local time and the length of the day and night will be approximately equal allover the world including Qatar. Qatar Calendar House explains that it’s because of “autumnal equinox phenomenon.”

“The phenomenon and all four astronomical seasons are an indicator of climatic changes, also on this day we can observe the exact positions of the sunrise and sunset on eastern and western horizons respectively,” says QCH astronomy expert Dr Beshir Marzouk.

In Qatar, the length of the day will be 12 hours and 7 minutes while the night lasts 11 hours and 53 minutes. Sunrise will be at 5:23am and the sunset at 5:30pm.

According to the astronomical definition of the seasons, the autumnal equinox also marks the beginning of autumn, says an Encyclopædia Britannica entry.

While the northern hemisphere witness autumnal equinox on Monday, vernal equinox will occur over southern hemisphere countries.


The summer season this year to last 94 days, while the autumn will be 91 days.