Dates festival at Souq Waqif to showcase over a dozen local varieties

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Dates festival at Souq Waqif to showcase over a dozen local varieties

The Ministry of Municipality and Environment and Souq Waqif will compose a 12-day celebration to offer new neighborhood dates with the cooperation of more than 80 nearby ranches and Hassad Food Company. 

"The 'fourth Local Dates Festival 2019' will keep running from July 23 to August 3 somewhere in the range of 4pm and 10pm in an enormous tent at Souq Waqif," said Yousuf Khalid Al Khulaifi, Head of Agricultural Affairs Department at the Ministry during a question and answer session held yesterday at the central station of Agricultural Affairs and Fishery Sector. The meeting was gone to by Director of Souq Waqif, Mohammed Al Salem. 

Al Khulaifi said that regarding twelve sorts of crisp nearby dates including Khalas, Al Shishi, Al Khanizi, Al Barhi, Al Irqi, Al Silji, Al Saqai, Nabt Saif, Al Lulu and Al Razizi will be offered during the celebration at appealing costs. 


"The activity is a piece of a noteworthy program of the Ministry to give stages to advertise nearby produce including dates during its progressing reaping season," said Al Khulaifi. 

He said that the program is gone for guaranteeing sustenance security in the nation, creating agrarian area including ranches of palm trees and supporting neighborhood ranchers to deliver assortments of value dates. "More than 80 nearby homesteads of dates will partake in the fourth celebration which is multiple times more contrasted with the principal year," said Al Khulaifi. 

Head of Agricultural Affairs Department, Yousuf Khalid Al Khulaifi said that more than 205 tons of new dates worth QR1.7m were sold out during the celebration in 2018 which pulled in around 54,000 guests. 

"A sum of 23 homesteads partook in the primary celebration and around 61 tons of crisp dates were sold during the celebration," he said. 

As indicated by the conditions set by the sorting out advisory group of the celebration, the new dates which will be exhibited in the celebration ought to be in maturing stage and free from any scent. Likewise, the dates ought to have regular taste and smell. "Tests of new dates will be taken to the research center of the Ministry to guarantee they are free from deposits of pesticides," said Al Khulaifi. 

The Director of Souq Waqif, Mohammed Al Salem said that Souq Waqif will give all necessities to encourage the exhibitors. "Souq Waqif is quick to take an interest such celebration in an offer to help the nearby ranchers," said Al Salem including that Souq pulled in developing number of guests including residents, ostracizes and vacationers because of its strategical area in focal Doha.