Cool comfort

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Sensors installed along Abdullah bin Jassim Street yesterday, Blue road, Cool comfort, Qatar, Temperature, ‘cool pavement, non-coated asphalt, Qatar local news

Sensors installed along Abdullah bin Jassim Street yesterday revealed a significant difference in the surface temperature on parts of the road where a coating of ‘cool pavement’ material was recently used and the stretch with conventional, non-coated asphalt. Tested under conditions when the outdoor temperature was 40.3C, the normal asphalt surface showed a reading of 65C, while the temperature on the stretch with ‘cool pavement’ material had a reading of 57C, the Public Works Authority (Ashghal) tweeted yesterday. Ashghal recently completed the implementation of the pilot “cool pavement project”, which involves the use of a substance that brings down the asphalt temperature on roads. The stretch of road where the substance is used is also blue in colour, as opposed to the conventional black. The project will be under study for 18 months and, for this, sensors and special devices have been installed to measure the effectiveness of the material in reducing asphalt temperature and comparing it to conventional asphalt.

Source: Gulf