Committee to regulate non-Qatari ownership of real estate

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Committee to regulate non-Qatari ownership of real estate

The week by week Cabinet meeting, led by HE the Prime Minister Sheikh Abdullah bin Nasser bin Khalifa al-Thani on Wednesday affirmed the Cabinet's draft choice to frame a board of trustees to manage non-Qatari proprietorship and utilization of land and decide the council's work framework and compensation. 

Following the gathering, which was held at the Amiri Diwan, HE Minister of Justice and Acting Minister of State for Cabinet Affairs Dr Issa Saad al-Jafali al-Nuaimi expressed that the Ministry of Justice arranged the draft choice as a feature of finishing the important techniques to initiate the arrangements of Law 16 of 2018 controlling non-Qatari proprietorship and utilization of land. 

The draft incorporated the development of the advisory group headed by an agent of the Ministry of Justice with the enrollment of delegates of the experts concerned. 

As per the arrangements of the law, the panel will have the accompanying capacities: 

1. Proposing zones where non-Qataris are permitted to claim and utilize land 

2. Proposing the terms and states of non-Qatari proprietorship and utilization of land 

3. Proposing the advantages, motivations and offices allowed to property proprietors and non-Qatari clients 

4. Proposing expenses and administrations in the zones dictated by the Cabinet 

5. Some other capacities requested by a choice of the Council of Ministers 


Under the arrangements of Law No 16 of 2018, non-Qataris may claim and utilize land in the zones as per the conditions, controls, advantages and methods, which will be controlled by a choice of the Council of Ministers upon the proposition of the Committee. 

The Cabinet additionally altered a few arrangements of the Cabinet's choice No 30 of 2017 setting up the Committee for Policies of Financing the State's activities, to incorporate HE the Minister of Commerce and Industry as an individual from the panel. 

The week after week meeting likewise endorsed the monetary spending plan for the exercises of the Qatar Information and Communication Technology Exhibition and Conference (QITCOM), planned to be held in Doha on October 29-30 one year from now. 

The Cabinet additionally endorsed the second official program in instruction, advanced education and logical research of the instructive and logical co-activity understanding between the legislatures of Qatar and Sudan for the scholarly years (2018-2019, 2019-2020, 2020-2021). 

It likewise affirmed the measures to support an assention between the legislatures of Qatar and Paraguay on the crossing out of visa necessities for holders of discretionary, official and private international IDs, and an update of comprehension for co-activity in the travel industry and business occasions between the administrations of Qatar and Paraguay.