'Business ambassadors' praises Qatari corporations initiative to grow African communities in Qatar

  • 2 months   ago
An effort to establish African communities in Qatar is gathering traction amongst community members named as "business ambassadors" through a partnership between a Qatari corporation and seven administrations.
KON Group and the ambassadors of South Africa, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Nigeria, Sudan, and Tunisia partnered on the ‘Ta3araf' project, which raises awareness about Qatar in every culture.
Earlier, as part of this program,' company ambassadors' were named. Derrick Smith of South Africa, Omar Farah of Kenya, Aliguma Saul Rayan of Uganda, Fatma Hassan of Tanzania, Insaf Ouslati of Tunisia, Noimot Omolara Olayiwola of Nigeria, and Adam Hagar of Egypt are among them (Sudan).
However, according to Smith, the project creates an opportunity to participate in a forum that has the power to unite African cultures, stressing the value of “building such partnerships for sustainable development.”
One of the benefits of the project, according to Farah, is the ability to collaborate with KON Group on capacity development and market configurations for Kenyan citizens in Qatar.
Rayan, who is also the chairman of the Ugandan Group in Qatar (UGACOQ), explained that it is the societies' duty to work together to accomplish the program's aims and objectives.
Ouslati said that KON provides Tunisia with a chance to help people understand more about Qatar, as well as Tunisian history and society.
She also appreciated the attempts of the community to incorporate art and culture in "fully structured programs."