‘Avoid online purchase of tickets of airlines belonging to siege nations’

  • 1 year ago
‘Avoid online purchase of tickets of airlines belonging to siege nations’

The Consular Affairs Department at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) has issued various rules and counsel to Qatari nationals wishing to travel abroad. 

The division has underlined the significance of guaranteeing the legitimacy of identifications and character cards by a half year, getting section visas from nations requiring earlier visas and following the host nation's guidelines, laws and travel prerequisites alongside universal aeronautics guidelines. 

The division has exhorted individuals not to buy air tickets from the aircrafts of the barring nations by means of the web. It additionally exhorted residents to keep international IDs, air tickets and assets in safe spots, and not to promise a visa or ID card to any gathering in any capacity. 

It asked residents going abroad not to convey gold gems and assets or collaborate with nationals of certain nations that have contradicting positions to Qatar. It likewise encouraged natives to focus on youngsters in get-togethers and markets. 

On the off chance that non-Qatari laborers and non-Qatari escorts are voyaging, the support must ask about the visas and methodology followed in such manner, the division said. 


The office likewise informed against permitting security administrations concerning the host nation to examine the spot of habitation without authorization from the important expert, and underscored the need to guarantee the official status of people mentioning individual character. It encouraged natives to keep the quantities of Qatar Embassy in the host nation for reference when essential. 

The visa number and ID number ought to be remembered when mentioning the assistance of the mission on the off chance that they are lost. The division prompted natives making a trip in gatherings to not convey enormous entireties of cash independently and disperse it among relatives. It called attention to the significance keeping the cash trade receipt. 

When touching base at the airplane terminal of the nation of goal, the Qatari traveler must illuminate the traditions officer of the money the person in question has (in the event that it surpasses 10,000 euros or $10,000) before it is found to maintain a strategic distance from charges or reallocation. 

The division exhorted residents to keep away from social events and suspicious places and moving toward bizarre articles. It likewise prompted residents not wear face spread, for example, hijab (shroud) in nations that deny it. In case of any issue, residents should go to the closest government office or department of Qatar and tell authorities of the issue. 

In the event that a Qatari resident is being examined, the person must go to advise the State Mission. On the off chance that there is a fear based oppressor act, residents must speak with the consulate to get guidance. 

The division asked residents to enlist on MoFA site before voyaging. 

The division exhorted residents to not carrying meat and dairy items to European nations. In the event that a native wished to bring sustenance (not referenced above), it ought not surpass the point of confinement for individual use (2 kg). 

The division exhorted Qataris heading off to the US to guarantee that every single lawful issue identified with their stay in the nation are settled, for example, paying petty criminal offenses and going to US courts. It underscored the significance of guaranteeing that electronic gadgets are free of any subjects that are against US laws. 

On account of voyaging mates (hirelings, caretakers or drivers), their identifications ought not be kept with the support, the division stated, including that the support should consider that the quantity of working hours are (8) hours out of each day, just as the occasions and ends of the week. 

The office additionally encouraged to open a ledger for the specialist. On the off chance that the installment is in real money, at that point verification of receipt must be taken. The support should likewise verify sufficient lodging. Support must advise the closest Qatari conciliatory mission on the off chance that the laborer flees.