Ashghal to complete three more health centers this year

  • 1 month ago
Ashghal to complete three more health centers this year
The Public Works Authority (Ashghal) will deliver three more health centers in Ain Khalid, Al Sadd and Al Khor to the Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) this year. Ashghal is implementing new health centers that will provide general and special clinics, along with dentistry, physiotherapy and family. The centers are located in different areas as per the services to present and number of residents related, according to Ashghal’s website. It says that these centers are expected to be completed in Q4 of 2021. Recently, ‘Ashghal’ completed major works of South Al Wakra Health Center, implemented by the Building Projects Department, to serve about 360 visitors per day.
The South Al Wakra Health Center is spreading over an area of about 3,000 square metres and includes a singlestory main building housing main clinical building (health center) covering nine clinics, annex buildings such as a mosque, support services building, guards building, monitoring chamber, electrical and mechanical maintenance annex, a garage for ambulances and parking slots for 125 cars. As per the website, Ashghal is also constructing the National Laboratory Building at an area of 29,000 square metres in Mesaimeer Area, with four levels to provide several services such as food safety labs, infectious disease labs, specialised labs, and emergency section for national and environmental disasters.
The National Laboratory Building is also to be completed in fourth quarter of this year. The Public Works Authority on the eve of completion of South Al Wakra Health Center had also announced that three more health centers in the pipeline will be delivered in 2021 including Al Khor, Ain Khalid, Al Sadd Health Centers and the National Health Laboratory. Earlier, Ashghal had shared, in its magazine, that health projects occupy an important part of Ashghal Building Affairs’ Projects, in cooperation and coordination with the Ministry of Public Health.
The Primary Health Care sector has recently witnessed a boom through the opening of a number of advanced health centers, which are the first of their kind in Qatar with unprecedented services as well as their size which allows them to receive large number of patients and visitors, thus improving the quality of medical services provided, Ashghal’s publication said. The publication also shared names of under-construction health projects including Al Khor Health Center which covers an area of 24, 998 square metres and will have 60 clinics and serve 650 visitors a day.
Al Sadd Health Center with 29, 022 square metres area will have 100 clinics and be able to serve 1,500 visitors a day. The new health centers which have been constructed in recent past or are under construction in different parts of the country are in fact health and wellness centers providing services beyond just medical diagnosis and treatment.

Source: The Peninsula Qatar