Ashghal starts Roads, Infrastructure Project in Al Ebb, Leabaib -Package 4

  • 1 month ago
The project provides services for 1049 residential plots in Al Ebb and Leabaib areas

The Public Works Authority ‘Ashghal’ announced the commencement of the Roads and Infrastructure Project in Al Ebb and Leabaib (Package 4) which is located East of Al Shamal Road at Al Kheesa Interchange and West of Street 245. The project’s geographical scope covers part of Al Ebb and Leabaib Area South of Al Kheesa Road as well as a part of Jeryan Jenaihat Area to its North.

This newly launched project aims at developing internal and main streets in the area such as Al Kheesa Road, and provide paths dedicated to pedestrians and cyclists. In addition, the project aims at developing infrastructure facilities in the area including stormwater and foul sewer drainage networks to respond to residents’ needs.

Eng. Ali Mohamed Al-Kaabi, Al Ebb and Leabaib Area projects manager at the Northern Areas Section in Ashghal’s Roads Projects Department, stated that the project provides services for 1049 residential plots in Al Ebb and Leabaib areas, including infrastructure services and enhanced local streets to provide connectivity to the main network of road, as well as public facilities in the vicinity such as schools, mosques, commercial complexes.

Eng. Al-Kaabi added: “The project’s scope of works involves developing a roads network with a total length of 32 km equipped with road safety features and street lighting as well as road signs and marking. The project also features a 64-km-pedestrian and cycle lanes and will provide approximately 5750 parking slots.”

Furthermore, the project scope includes a 29-km-long foul sewer network, 28 km surface and groundwater drainage network along with a 17 km Treated Sewerage Effluent (TSE) network. In addition, new sewage pipelines along with a new system to ensure the flow distribution will be provided and connected with Qatar’s main sewage network with increased capacity, to provide proper protection for the entire area against flooding and excess rainfall.

The implementation of upgrading works is divided into four geographical zones which will be carried out successively. The duration of each phase will be one year while the full completion of the project is scheduled for Q3 2024.

Eng. Al-Kaabi also pointed out that in line with the Public Works Authority's support to local manufacturers and in line with Ta’heel initiative which was launched by the Authority in 2017, local materials and manufacturers will be relied on for most of the project's work. Materials and elements that will be supplied from local manufacturers include gabbro, lighting poles and luminaires, directional signs in addition to sewage, surface water and rain water drainage pipes, asphalt, concrete, rebar and prefabricated manholes. The local Qatari component that will be used on the project is planned to reach 85%.




The Roads and Infrastructure in Al Ebb and Leabib Project is being implemented by Quality Based Structures (QBS), at a cost of approximately QAR 587 million and is part of the Local Areas Infrastructure Programme for Areas which is carried out by the Public Works Authority and includes a number of road and infrastructure development projects across Qatar.

Source: Public Works Authority - Ashghal