Ashghal Recycling Manual released to use recycling materials in projects

  • 4 days   ago
The Public Works Authority (Ashghal) has taken the initiative of preparing the Ashghal Recycling Manual, the first of its kind in Qatar and the region in order to encourage the usage of recycled materials projects. This initiative comes under framework of the Ashghal Research and Development Center run by the Quality and Safety Department.
This manual is the outcome of the research which was done for a period of three years by the expertise, field tests and pilot projects that carried out using recycled materials. The manual is also considered a technical reference for engineers, consultants and contractors working in Ashghal projects, along with the other manufacturers and investors in the sector of recycling. It also offers technical support for projects in achieving Ashghal’s recycling strategy.
The significance of Ashghal Recycling Manual comes in line with providing the necessities for dealing with recycled materials in terms of sorting and storing to make sure on the highest quality, setting controls for producing recycled materials to ensure stability level of quality, encouraging investors in this area and providing a reference in the field of recycling to make sure that continuous enhancements as per increasing experiences in the field is achieved.
The manual includes specifications for materials produced from recycling reclaimed asphalt, crumb rubber produced from tires, demolition and excavation waste, wadi aggregate and steel slag. The manual also consists of various methods of manufacturing recycled materials, sorting guidelines, quality control systems, methods of testing these materials, and permissible use rates to maintain quality and durability of projects.
Ashghal commenced to recycle rubber tyres of vehicles and use them as enrichment material to produce bitumen modified with crumb rubber (CRMB), which helps in developing the stability and durability of asphalt mixtures, increasing flexibility, reducing cracks, reducing noise on the roads, reducing financial cost of pavement work and reducing environmental pollution of landfills.
It is also worth mentioning that during previous year 2020, Qatar has produced 877 tonnes of bitumen modified with rubber crumb. As part of construction works of projects, Ashghal recycles concrete and materials extracted in excavation works, aggregates, and reclaimed asphalt for using in new road pavements. Thus, 100 percent of the drilling materials of the Mesaimeer outfall and tunnel for surface water and rainwater project were recycled.
It is also important to make note that Ashghal has adopted latest practices in the field of road construction and pavement works, with an aim of achieving sustainability of projects, reducing costs and preserving environment using recycled materials in projects.