Ashghal inaugurated main carriageway : Doha to Al Khor in 20 minutes as 5-lane road opens

  • 2 years   ago
Ashghal inaugurated main carriageway : Doha to Al Khor in 20 minutes as 5-lane road opens

The Public Works Authority (Ashghal) has introduced fundamental carriageway and three indispensable trades on Al Khor Road, within the sight of H E Sheik Abdullah receptacle Nasser canister Khalifa Al Thani, Prime Minister and Minister of Interior. 

The opening of the 33-kilometer Al Khor Road primary carriageway, 5 paths toward every path, connecting Doha to Al Khor was conveyed one year in front of timetable, which was initially set to open in the second quarter of 2020. Simaisma Interchange, the trade on Al Majd Road and the exchange on Al Turfa Street are presently completely open to traffic. 

Alternative to Al Shamal Road

Al Khor Road fundamental carriageway fills in as an option in contrast to Al Shamal Road as it permits street clients originating from Al Khor to achieve their ideal goals while sparing travel time by up to 65% contrasted with a similar adventure through Al Shamal Road. The new street format will impressively redesign the vehicular limit from 8,000 to 20,000 vehicles for each hour in the two bearings. 

The recently opened street is deliberately connected with major interstates, for example, Al Majd Road which makes interconnectivity with various major expressways permitting free stream route crosswise over western and southern zones of Qatar. 

On this event, H E Jassim bin Saif Al Sulaiti, Minister of Transport and Communications, said that the uncommon structure of Al Khor Road takes into account the wide focal middle to suit the rail line, which would give extra methods for transportation to inhabitants in the zones it navigates. The opening of Al Khor Road will interface Al Khor to Doha in roughly 20 minutes. 

H E Abdullah bin Abdulaziz bin Turki Al Subaie,  Minister of Municipality and Environment, expressed that Al Khor Road gives access to different locales from north to Doha, particularly that it serves in excess of 20 local locations, for example, Al Khor, Lusail and the Pearl just as territories found east of Al Shamal Road like Al Kheesa, Al Ebb and Leabib. 

Dr Saad bin Ahmed Al Mohannadi, the President of the Public Works Authority "Ashghal" communicated his pride in opening the Al Khor Road one year in front of its planned time and three and a half years before the 2022 FIFA World Cup as it joins Al Bayt Stadium to Lusail Stadium. 

He clarified that Al Khor Roads' association with streets that are interlinked to Al Shamal Road additionally permits traffic originating from western and southern zones to achieve Doha utilizing an elective course to Doha Expressway. 

The primary carriageway 

Ashghal has completely opened the 33-kilometer long primary carriageway reaching out from Al Khor Road in Al Khor to Qatar University Street in Doha. The redesigned street has 5 paths toward every path notwithstanding two crisis paths. 

New interchanges

Al Khor Road is made out of 10 staggered trades, 6 of which give free stream association with fundamental streets, for example, Simaisma Road, Al Majd Road and Al Turfa Street and encourage access to Al Shamal Road and Lusail Expressway. These trades contain 8 spans, 22 underpasses and a camel intersection to interface Lusail's Reserves. 

Simaisma Interchange: 

Situated on the convergence of Al Khor Road with Simaisma Road, this trade incorporates a primary scaffold, 4 circles and 4 right exits to give free stream network every which way for street clients originating from Al Shamal Road and Al Khor Road. It is considered as the primary access to the city of Simaisma and an immediate connect to Umm Qarn territory. 

Al Khor Road crossing point with Al Majd Road: 

This two-level trade comprises of a principle connect associating Lusail City to Al Majd Road and Al Shamal Road by means of Al Mazrooah Interchange. It additionally incorporates 4 circles and 4 ways out to interface Lusail City, Rawdat Al Hamama, Al Kheesa, Al Sakhama, Umm Slal and Al Mazrooah zones. 

Other than its noteworthy job in connecting numerous local locations, this exchange makes it simple for street clients originating from Doha and Al Khor to reach Lusail and Al Bayt Stadium in a record time to go to every one of the rounds of 2022 FIFA World Cup Stadiums. 

Al Khor Road crossing point with Al Turfa Street: 

Considered as the two-level primary access to Lusail City, this trade will encourage access of traffic originating from Al Shamal Road through Izghawa Interchange and Al Turfa Street and heading towards Lusail and Doha. Its extraordinary structure, otherwise called halfway cloverleaf is made out of 2 circles and 4 right leaves conveys a free traffic stream development between Lusail, Al Ebb, Leabib, Al Turfa and Izghawa. Further to these expectations, this trade likewise incorporates a primary scaffold to permit traffic originating from Al Turfa Street to proceed with north on Al Khor Road. 

Remaining areas 

Ashghal is dealing with finishing the rest of the segments of the street which incorporate the development of 34 kilometers of an Olympic cycle track on one side of the carriageway and 33 kilometers of shared ways for people on foot and cyclists on the opposite side, just as the development of 42 person on foot and cycle underpasses. 

Al Khor Expressway and Al Majd Road: 

The opening of Al Majd Road in February 2019 has essentially contributed in connecting traffic originating from Al Khor Road and the other way around particularly that Al Majd Road converges with all other blood vessel streets in the nation, for example, Al Shamal Road, Dukhan Road, Salwa Road to Mesaieed Road. Along these lines, inhabitants of Doha and the eastern zones of the nation are currently ready to utilize Doha Expressway to get to all the outside territories bypassing the focal point of Doha. Occupants of West Bay, Lusail and the encompassing zones can without much of a stretch access Al Wakra and Al Wukair and the other way around utilizing Al Majd Road and the new Al Khor Road.