Ashghal announces commencement of roads and infrastructure project in south of Semaisma

  • 1 month ago
The Public Works Authority (Ashghal) has announced that the Roads and Infrastructure Project in South of Semaisma, Package 2, has commenced and aims to enhance internal streets in the place and also develop local traffic safety, along with upgrading the infrastructure utilities in order to meet the requirements of the population and urban growth in the near future. Works on the first package of the Roads and Infrastructure project in South of Semaisma is all set to start in May 2020 in order to cope with the urban expansion of Semaisma in the future.
The project is situated East of Al Khor Coastal Road in Semaisma area and is bordered by Semaisma Corniche Street to the East and by Semaisma Road to the North. In order to decline the construction work impacts as much as possible, the project works will be divided into three geographical zones which is expected to be implemented successively and the duration of each phase will be one year. Project construction works are scheduled to be fully completed in the 3rd quarter of 2023.
About the project benefits, Eng. Hamad al-Badr, Project Engineer Roads Projects Department’s Project Engineer at ‘Ashghal’, stated that upon completion, the project will serve 531 residential plots in south of Semaisma, by offering upgraded infrastructure utilities, road network and local streets to develop the traffic flow and provide connectivity to future public facilities which will be established in the area, such as schools, mosques, commercial complexes and youth centres.
Eng. Hamad al-Badr also mentioned that the project’s scope of works involves enhancing and building a road network, at a total length of 21 km, offering traffic safety elements like street lighting systems and poles, in addition to installing directional signage and road markings. Along with this, 4.3-km-long pedestrian and cycle paths will be given to promote a healthy lifestyle.
Furthermore, the project scope includes the construction of a 26 km-long drainage network, a 28 km-long surface and groundwater drainage network, and a 3.5 km-long TSE network. In addition to the extension of new sewage pipelines which will be connected to the main sewage network, construction works will also include an emergency flood lagoon with a capacity of 41,000 m³ to protect the entire area from flooding during the rainy season.
This project is being carried out by Al Jaber and Partners, at a cost of about 319 million Qatari Riyals. It is one of the projects within the Residential Areas Infrastructure Program implemented by “Ashghal”, which is inclusive of a number of development projects spread all around the country.