Architectural masterpiece - Al Rayyan Stadium tells the story of Qatar

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Architectural masterpiece - Al Rayyan Stadium tells the story of Qatar

Al Rayyan Stadium, one of the key scenes that will have matches of 2022 FIFA World Cup, is named after one of the old Qatari urban communities. Based on the site of Ahmed Bin Ali Stadium, the new Al Rayyan Stadium consolidates images of Qatari culture into its dynamite undulating exterior. The offices encompassing the scene, which will have up to 40,000 fans at 2022 FIFA World Cup matches, will likewise reflect the nation, with sand rise molded structures reviewing the brilliant desert nature of a significant piece of the nation. 

Al Rayyan Project Manager at Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy (SC) Abdulla Al Fehani said that Al Rayyan Stadium reflects images of Qatari culture into its terrific undulating exterior. The offices encompassing the setting will likewise reflect the nation, with sand rise formed structures reviewing the wonderfully wild terrains toward the west. 

In a selective meeting with Qatar News Agency (QNA), Al Fehani said that Al Rayyan's area on the edge of the desert has formed a creative city that does not endure squander. Hence, from its very origination, Al Rayyan Stadium venture has had maintainability at its center, sponsored by the responsibility of the SC to green structure. 

He included that seating limit of the arena, which will be up to 40,000 fans, will be diminished to 20,000 in the post-competition as the other 20,000 will be given to football improvement extends abroad in a joint effort with the FIFA, including the littler post-competition field will empower Al Rayyan to keep up the private, neighborly character it is acclaimed for. 


Al Fehani called attention to that the plan of Al Rayyan Stadium recounts to the account of Qatar. Its most striking element is a shining veneer, produced using designs that describe various parts of the nation: the significance of family, the excellence of the desert, the local vegetation, just as neighborhood and global exchange. A seventh shape, a shield, unites all the others, speaking to the quality and solidarity that is especially important to the glad desert town of Al Rayyan. 

He included these examples resemble the geometric shapes frequently found in Islamic engineering and their great multifaceted nature mirrors the impeccable crafted works delivered in Qatar. 

"On the off chance that fans can take their eyes off the awesome sight of Al Rayyan Stadium itself, they will see that different pieces of the locale reverberation the desert theme, including ridge formed accommodation regions and product slows down. Dusk will convey another measurement to the scene as a few adjacent structures light up with a delicate sparkle, inviting guests from distant locations abroad." 

Al Rayyan Stadium will offer a unique open door for the fans who need to visit arena offices amid the diversion or between the two rounds of the matches or even before the match, without the need to purchase another ticket as these offices will be accessible in the structure and in the encompassing region around the arena, to which much significance was given amid the plan stage so it frames the genuine heritage after the apocalypse Cup. 

Al Fehani brought up that Al Rayyan Stadium venture has had supportability at its center, upheld by the responsibility of the Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy to green structure, including a considerable lot of the materials from the deconstructed Ahmed Bin Ali Stadium that once involved this site will be utilized all through the arena complex, and some will even discover a spot in open workmanship establishments. "Over 80% of the development materials are being reused or reused. Trees that once encompassed the old setting have been held for future replanting, limiting harm to the indigenous habitat." 

He said that vitality and water proficiency measures are instituted in the 450,000m2 arena, and further decreases in the arena's carbon impression will come particularly that the encompassing region will have strolling and biking trails. Al Rayyan area will have strategically placed bicycle paths and strolling ways, just as 150,000m2 of new green space highlighting local, low water utilization plants for the network to appreciate. 

With limit being decreased to 20,000 in heritage mode and those extra seats being sent to countries needing wearing framework, he said the area encompassing the arena will likewise incorporate a scope of offices which will take into account the necessities of the general population of Al Rayyan. 

Local people will likewise be quick to encounter the numerous other brandishing offices that are jumping up as a feature of this arena complex. Cricket pitches, football preparing pitches, an aquatics focus, tennis courts, a skate park, and a games track are only a portion of the offices that the network can anticipate utilizing in coming years. Al Rayyan Stadium will assume a main job in satisfying the key Qatar National Vision 2030 target of advancing solid ways of life in Qatar, Al Fehani brought up. 

He included that Al Rayyan will likewise offer spots for the individuals who need to take it somewhat simpler, perfect for warm days on the edges of the desert. Flawlessly arranged parks, bistros, wellsprings, walkways, and spas will have their spot close by the arena. 

Al Rayyan Stadium is planned to be finished before the finish of 2019 and will have a limit of 40,000 fans. In spite of the fact that this task is a global undertaking, one urgent component of the arena - its 40,000 seats - will be created by nearby organization Coastal Qatar. This lift to Qatar's economy is only one little piece of the long haul inheritance being made here. 

The work is in progress in the venture and is going as indicated by the timetable. Its plan stage started in 2014, trailed by the obliteration of the old arena in 2015, and the principle uncovering of the arena and after that development work in 2016. 

Toward the finish of 2017, development at Al Rayyan Stadium achieved a noteworthy achievement following the consummation of in excess of five million worker hours without a 'Lost Time Accident'. 

Al Fehani included that the work hours in Al Rayyan Stadium venture came to around 25 million worker hours, thinking about the various quantities of laborers in the task, as 4,700 individuals at present work at Al Rayyan Stadium. This number is relied upon to surpass 5,000 specialists amid the coming time frame when the last phase of the development and completions is come to. 

He focused on that the task's work plan considers the conservation of specialists' rights and security and wellbeing benchmarks as indicated by the nearby guidelines of the Ministry of Labor just as universal models. The most significant of these is that it expected temporary workers to give specialists' convenience near the play area to guarantee wellbeing and simple development of laborers to the task.