Amir to meet US President on Tuesday

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Amir H Sheik Tamim receptacle Hamad Al Thani will meet with President Donald Trump of the well disposed United States of America at the White House in Washington DC next Tuesday (July 9). 

During the gathering, pioneers will talk about perspectives to build up the current vital participation between the two nations in different fields and trade sees on the most recent advancements in the district and the world. 

The official visit of H The Amir, which starts on Monday, July 8, will likewise incorporate gatherings with senior organization authorities and individuals from Congress, just as the consenting to of arrangements and notices of comprehension on guard, vitality, speculation and air transport. 

In April a year ago, H the Amir on his official visit to the US had met with President Trump at the White House in which the US President had adulated his nation's ties with Qatar. 

Qatar and the US are vital accomplices and solid relations between two nations spread practically all regions of collaboration. 

The Qatari-US relations have ceaselessly developed and created in different fields. The United States bolsters the Qatari political activities on various local issues. 

At the monetary level, the State of Qatar keeps up financial and exchange ties with the US. The two nations receive reliable financial approaches. 

The State of Qatar is the fourth biggest shipper from the US in the Middle East. 

At the instructive and social levels, the Education City in Doha hosts parts of various US colleges. The trading of understudy between the United States and Qatar continues expanding. 

The two nations have additionally consented to various arrangements on financial, business, specialized collaboration; air transport administrations; common flight wellbeing; instructive, social and media participation; advancement and insurance of shared ventures among numerous others. 

A week ago, William Grant, Chief of Mission and Chargé d'Affaires of the US in Qatar, said that the forthcoming visit of Amir H Sheik Tamim canister Hamad Al Thani to the US is relied upon to be significant and will expand on the longstanding organization between two nations by further reinforcing financial and security ties. 

William Grant had said that few new understandings incorporating one in the zone of exchange are required to be declared and two-sided discourses will be held in zones of shared intrigue, for example, local issues during the visit. 

"The connection between the US and Qatar is dynamic and assorted. His Highness has visited the US about once every year on an ordinary daily practice and that causes the two sides to work the plan we do in the rest of the months," said Grant. Responding to an inquiry, Grant recognized that respective dialogs will concentrate on issues identified with the progressing bar forced on Qatar and issues about Iran.