Amir of Qatar-Mahathir talks on Thursday, to take Qatar-Malaysia relations to new heights

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Amir of Qatar-Mahathir talks on Thursday, to take Qatar-Malaysia relations to new heights

Starting a working visit that is set to take Qatar-Malaysia binds higher than ever, His Highness the Amir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani touched base in Kuala Lumpur on Wednesday evening. 

The Amir was invited upon landing in the Kuala Lumpur International Airport by Malaysia's Minister of Foreign Affairs Saifuddin Abdullah, Qatar's envoy to Malaysia Fahad Mohamed Kafood and individuals from the Qatari government office. 

In an announcement on Wednesday, the Malaysian Foreign Ministry depicted the Amir's visit and the discussions booked on Thursday with Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamed as a great open door for the two pioneers to talk about respective issues, and trade sees on a scope of universal issues of basic concern and shared interests. 

This visit will check the primary authority meeting between the Amir and the Malaysian Prime Minister since the last took office in May this year. 

The Amir will respect the champs of Sheik Tamim Anti-Corruption International Excellence Award amid a service on Friday in the Malaysian city of Putrajaya in co-activity with the United Nations, the announcement included. 


In the mean time, Malaysian represetative to Qatar Ahmad Fadil Shamsuddin revealed to Gulf Times in an announcement on Wednesday that Qatar and Malaysia are set to set up a Joint High-Level Committee and reactivate the Joint Technical Committee, which will fill in as a stage to screen advance in upgrading reciprocal and financial ties. 

The two boards are relied upon to set up their gatherings in the primary quarter of 2019, he clarified. 

As indicated by the minister, the aggregate exchange among Malaysia and Qatar "has expanded twofold in 10 years," from $320mn in 2007 to $670mn in 2017. 

"I am pleased to state that the present condition of respective relations among Malaysia and Qatar is at its largest amount as showed by the trading of abnormal state visits. It is imagined that these visits will upgrade Malaysia-Qatar relations particularly in exchange and speculation, training, ladies and network advancement, hostile to debasement, and furthermore to produce nearer close to home relations with Qatari pioneers. 

"I am of the view that His Highness' second visit to Malaysia will improve the chance to talk about ways and implies and to additionally reinforce reciprocal collaboration between the two nations, and also trade sees on different issues that are of shared concern and regular interests with the Qatari pioneers," the represetative included.