Al Sadd to confront Al Duhail in Sheik Jassim Cup Final

  • 10 months   ago
Al Sadd to confront Al Duhail in Sheik Jassim Cup Final
Al Sadd will confront Al Duhail on Saturday in Sheik Jassim Cup (Super Cup) last, which will be held at Jassim canister Hamad Stadium in Al Sadd Club. 
During the match public interview held today , Al Sadd mentor Xavi Hernandez discussed the significance of winning Sheik Jassim Cup last against Al Duhail on Saturday at Jassim canister Hamad Stadium in Al Sadd. 
Xavi said that Al Sadd need to win the title of Sheik Jassim Cup (Super Cup) and Al Duhail needs vengeance and Al Sadd is prepared for this match, and Al Duhail is probably the best club in the Middle East, yet it is an hour and a half match and our club must be persuaded to win. 
With respect to the support in the Club World Cup, Xavi brought up that it is an awesome open door for the club to play the World Cup and there are just three players who taken an interest in the World Cup 2011 and played against Barcelona and now it is the ideal opportunity for different players to participate in this competition and our club is prepared for it. 
With respect to Al Duhail group mentor Rui Faria, he declared that Sheik Jassim Cup ( Super Cup ) will be an alternate title from the AFC Champions alliance and that his group started the arrangements for Saturday's match against Al Sadd . 
Faria said in the public interview about the match : "This is the third counterpart for us against Al Sadd in 11 days and we are prepared for this encounter and we started working since the part of the bargain match of the AFC champions class where we broke down the two Asian showdowns well and we will chip away at amending the missteps " 
He included : "We are currently in an alternate title from the AFC champions class and my group is prepared to exhibit a major match and win the title" 
Also, about the unlucky deficiencies , he said : "The two groups have nonappearances and what is affirmed till now is the nonattendance of Mehdi Benatia and Al Moez Ali , and will take part 11 players who want to will and we will strive to accomplish our objective by winning the match".