Achieving self-sufficiency, Qatar to export dairy and poultry products

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Sheikh Dr. Faleh bin Nasser Al Thani, Assistant Under-Secretary for Agriculture and Fisheries Affairs at the Ministry of Municipality and Environment, with other officials during his visit to Mazzraty, yesterday.

After achieving self-sufficiency in dairy and poultry products, Qatar is planning to export the surplus stock of these food products in near future.

Sheikh Dr. Faleh bin Nasser Al Thani, Assistant Under-Secretary for Agriculture and Fisheries Affairs at the Ministry of Municipality and Environment (MME), has said that the local poultry products covered the 100 percent demand of fresh chicken in the market within two years since blockade. 

He said in a statement that local poultry products got popular in the local market within a short period of time, and plans are afoot to export the surplus stock.

“We currently have a surplus of dairy products, where local production reached 109 percent, egg production also rose to 40 percent which will increase with the joining of other farms in the coming period,” said Sheikh Dr. Faleh bin Nasser Al Thani during his visit to National Group for Agriculture and Animal Products (Mazzraty) yesterday.

The delegation of MME to Mazzraty also included Yousef Khaled Al Khulaifi, Director of Agricultural Affairs Department and Abdulaziz Al Ziyara, Director of Animal Resources Department.

Sheikh Dr. Faleh bin Nasser Al Thani said that there are some farms which are planning to export, some of which have already started exporting in small quantities, stressing that there is a possibility to export poultry and dairy products, in addition to fish and shrimp through farms, where they can be exported in the future as products and not in fresh form.

The Assistant Undersecretary for Agriculture and Fisheries Affairs praised all investors in the agricultural and livestock sector who have worked sincerely since the imposition of the blockade to keep the production continue round the clock.

He said that a plan was developed by the government sector to support agricultural production through the provision of greenhouses, production inputs, feed, fertilizers, pesticides, irrigation systems, vaccination and medicines.

Sheikh Faleh bin Nasser Al Thani said that the production of local farms reached 10,000 tonnes per year, which is expected to reach a whopping 90,000 tonnes by next year with the help of 10 modern farms equipped with greenhouse technologies.

The new farms which started operation will be an added value to the market in coordination with Mahaseel, the marketing arm of Hassad Food which will market the local products. He said that the number of productive farms in Qatar reached 1,300 farms, which are fixed farms. The work begins to utilise the free spaces for the construction of greenhouses, which will help to continue the production throughout the year, in addition to high quality and low water consumption.

He said that the largest future plans for the agricultural sector focus on sustainable production, and to maintain the quality of the product and its development, focusing on products with less water consumption and those that Qatari market needs.

Sheikh Dr Faleh bin Nasser Al Thani lauded the Mazzraty for its achievement in a short period of time. 


“Mazzraty managed to establish itself as a strong and competitive Qatari producer because of its high quality poultry and feed products, starting with the production of excellent quality feeds through its modern plant which adopts the latest international technologies as well as the latest in Qatar,” said Al Thani.