Accident-free Summer traffic awareness campaign from July1-Aug 1: Traffic department

  • 1 year ago
Accident-free Summer traffic awareness campaign from July1-Aug 1: Traffic department

The General Directorate of Traffic is set to dispatch a month-long traffic awareness campaign, from July 1 – August 1, under the title "Accident-free Summer" for the year 2019, so as to raise  public awareness with the guidelines of traffic wellbeing and safe driving. 

This was declared during press conference held by the Traffic Awareness Department at the General Directorate of Traffic Yesterday. 

The press conference was gone to by Colonel Nasser Darman al Hajri, Assistant Director General of Traffic, Colonel Mohammad Radhi al Hajri, Director of Traffic Awareness Department and officials of the General Directorate of Traffic. 

Colonel Radhi al Hajri said the "Accident-free Summer" campaign, will concentrate this year on field awareness through assessment campaigns in participation with the of Traffic Patrols Department and the Public Relations Department. 

The goal of the campaign is to teach people in general on the rules of traffic safety and safe driving, with an focus on drivers, particularly from the young, in the city of Doha and outer zones, he included. 


The campaign will concentrate on bringing awareness to light on various violations including driving without a permit, going through right side, utilizing cell phone while driving, s parking in the places reserved for individuals with exceptional needs, blocking traffic by ceasing in the yellow box etc.

During the campaign there will be the circulation of awareness publications, guidance to drivers in the streets, commercial markets and roads, the inward regions of Doha, and the outer territories in including Dukhan. 

The campaign exercises will be completed in participation with the traffic offices and all media and through coordination with the "Talaa" office to distinguish the infringement of ceasing in the yellow box, as the cameras on the convergences screen this infringement, which obstruct traffic and can't be accommodated. 

The infringement of ceasing in the yellow box will be accused of a fine of QR500. 

Colonel Mohammed Radhi al Hajri made a relative audit somewhere in the range of 2017 and 2018, clarifying the effect of the "Accident-free Summer" campaign held a year ago, on the decrease in the quantity of infringement. 

He said that the infringement of the going through right side has diminished essentially, with a decay of 68.4%, the driving without a permit recorded a decrease of 16.1% and the infringement of stopping in spots of individuals with unique needs diminished by 22.4%. 

Captain Abdul Wahid Ghareeb al Anzi, Traffic Awareness Officer, informed on the job of the media in ingraining mindfulness and traffic culture, particularly among youngsters. 

He focused on that the media are making every effort in doing its social duties in help of traffic awareness efforts to accomplish the State's vision to lessen mishaps and traffic violations and to give most extreme safety on the road.