70% of passengers use e-gate facility at Hamad International Airport in Qatar

  • 5 months   ago
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70% of passengers use e-gate facility at Hamad International Airport in Qatar

Right now 70 percent of travelers, either nationals or inhabitants, going through Hamad International Airport are utilizing e-doors. 

A senior authority of the Ministry of Interior's Airport Passport Department said that 70 percent entitled travelers use e-doors benefits as kids under 16 can't utilize these entryways for migration strategy. The authority said that the objective was to pass 100 percent travelers through these electronically encouraged doors. 

"We will build the quantity of e-entryways by 40 and they have been propelled to serve everybody. Later on, guests will likewise have the capacity to utilize these e-entryways," said Captain Abdullah Mohammed Al Jasmi, Head of Administrative Affairs of Airport Passports Department. He was addressing one of the neighborhood radio stations yesterday. 

Answering to an inquiry regarding issues being looked by groups of utilizing the e-entryways, he said that the issue of families is because of the way that their kids under 16 years can not utilize the e-doors but rather "we have discovered an answer which is 'family enrollment program' where the parent should enlist youngsters and actuate the utilization of the e-entryway office counter. 

For the individuals who don't realize how to utilize the e-entryways, he called attention to that there is staff from the airplane terminal organization and identifications to help them in such manner. 

Regarding the matter of individuals with exceptional necessities and the elderly individuals, Al Jasmi affirmed that Hamad International Airport has numerous administrations for individuals with unique needs, the wiped out and the elderly. 


"The air terminal organization gave staff to serve these individuals who have extraordinary necessities and they have exceptional counters to complete their exchanges rapidly." 

Al Jasmi additionally uncovered that individuals with exceptional necessities will before long use e-entryways with more prominent limit. 

First Lieutenant Saleh Hamad Al Marri, an officer of the Airport Security Department said that Hamad International Airport is anchored by a land and ocean fence, and also sensors, and all sensors are associated with a control room. "On account of admonitions issued by one of the sensors, report will be exchanged to the watches straightforwardly." 

He additionally said that the reconnaissance cameras in the air terminal have numerous undertakings. "Other than their security capacities, they likewise need to screen the execution and work of the staff, enhance their execution, screen the circumstance when all is said in done at the airplane terminal and report if there should be an occurrence of doubt of anything inside the air terminal."