17 polling stations in Qatar for Indonesian expats to vote tomorrow

  • 2 years   ago
17 polling stations in Qatar for Indonesian expats to vote tomorrow
An Indonesia policeman walks next to decorative umbrellas resemble to Indonesia's national flag "Red and White" during a security roll call for the upcoming general elections in Bogor, West Java on April 10, 2019. AFP / Adek Berry

Indonesians in Qatar can cast a vote on Friday (April 12) as a major aspect of the nation's general races which is to be hung on 17 April, says an announcement from the international safe haven. 

The casting a vote will occur at four places in Qatar: Doha, Messaied-Wakra, Dukhan and Al Khor. The announcement said thanks to Qatar government's Ministry of Foreign Affairs for encouraging the casting a vote outside the international safe haven premises. 

Crosswise over Qatar, 17 surveying station will be setup separated from the two drop boxes for seaward and coastal specialists. 

It's first time in Indonesia that race to the workplace of the President and the Vice President, and individuals from People's Consultative Assembly (MPR) happens around the same time. 

While the household voters cast five vote papers, abroad voters cast just two polls, to be specific, for administrative competitors and the president and the VP hopefuls. 


The consulate said the "decision abroad is completed quicker" than that inside the nation. 

In Qatar, the race is to occur between evening, 1.00 PM, and well into late night 9.00 PM on Friday. This 1300-2100 planning is to "serve Indonesians living In Qatar who are working in various movements. 

Indonesian Ambassador to Qatar, Muhammad Basri Sidehabi revealed to The Peninsula a year ago: "It is our expectation that the backers and organizations in Qatar enable the Indonesian residents to satisfy their urban obligation" 

A year ago, an 'Abroad Election Committee' has sworn in Qatar to get ready "voter rundown of around 12,000 individuals from an absolute fixed enrolled voters (DPT) 11976 and another extra enlisted voters of roughly (DPK) 236 in the 2019 concurrent races." 

There are two strategies for casting a vote in Qatar, "Abroad Polling Station (TPSLN) and Mobile vote Boxes (KSK), otherwise called Drop Boxes." 

The government office asked all voters to bring their unique identification as well as Replacement visa, for example, SPLP and FORM A5 to surveying places.