14 more people arrested for violating home quarantine rules in Qatar

  • 1 year ago
14 more people arrested for violating home quarantine rules in Qatar

The Ministry of Public Health announced Saturday that the designated authorities arrested nine people, who violated the requirements of home quarantine that they had committed to following and which they are legally accountable for, in accordance with the procedures of the health authorities in the country.

In a statement, the ministry said that the arrest of the nine people came in implementation of the precautionary measures in force in the country, and approved by health authorities to curb the spread of the novel coronavirus (Covid-19).

Fourteen more people have been booked for violating the home quarantine pledge they undertook as part of efforts to contain the spread of coronavius (COVID-19) in Qatar, the Ministry of Public Health said on Sunday.

Qatar had approved home isolation as a second option for families returning to the country from abroad, provided they sign a pledge to remain under self-quarantine for a prescribed period.

The violators are:

1- Abdullah Jaber Abdullah Jaber Nashira

2- Mutaib Salem Mutaib Al-Hanitim Al-Marri

3- Abdullah Ali Khalifa Salloum Al-Kubaisi

4- Meshal Hamad Abdullah Al-Hamad Al-Mannai

5- Jaber Ali Al-Mi'i Ali Jahman

6- Talib Jaber Masoud Al-Aweer Al-Marri

7- Abdullah Muhammad Ali Abdulreda Ismail

8- Fahd Abdel-Moneim Ibrahim Ahmed Al-Owainati

9- Mohammed Rashid Jaber Al-Khayareen

10- Khaled Rashid Jaber Al-Khayareen

11- Sarhan Nasser Sarhan Salem Barghash

12- Nader Mohammed Mubarak Salem Al-Juhani

13- Faisal Masoud Jaber Al-Marri

14- Muhammad Ali Mohsen Abdullah Mulheyah

They are all nationals of Qatar.


And authorities reminded citizens and residents in home quarantine of the necessity of strict adherence to the conditions set by the ministry for their own safety and others’.

The ministry statement stressed whoever violates the conditions will expose himself to the penalties in line with the provisions of Article 253 of the Penal Code No. (11) of 2004, and the provisions of Law No. (17) of 1990 regarding prevention of infectious diseases, and Law No. (17) For the year 2002 for protecting society.