10 More People Arrested in Qatar for Home Quarantine Violation

  • 2 weeks   ago
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A new batch of 10 people in Qatar are being referred to prosecution after violating the requirements of the home quarantine, the state has implemented to safeguard the community against coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic.



The Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) announced that relevant authorities arrested the accused who were legally accounted for following the precautionary measures enforced in the country to curb the virus spread.

The arrested violators, who are all Qatari citizens, are the following:

  1. Ahmed Salem Ahmed Saleh Al Bakri 
  2. Ahmed Rweiki Ghorban Al Quqaqi Al Ruwaili 
  3. Abdullah Ali Rashid Ali Al Gherniq 
  4. Jaber Ayedh Salem Khijim Al Athba 
  5. Abdulaziz Ismail Youssef Nasser Al Nasser 
  6. Faisal Abdullah Mohammad Al Sheikh Al Kuwari 
  7. Ali Ahmed Munser Al Hamad
  8. Abdulrahman Khalid Abdullah Al Ghanem Al Maadeed
  9. Abdullah Ayedh Khijim Al Athba Al Marri 
  10. Faisal Rashid Hamad Alyan Al Marri

The local authorities urged the public to fully commit to MoPH's directive and cooperate in the government's steps to eliminate Covid-19 transmission. The Ministry reiterated that anyone caught violating the regulation will face legal charges stated in article no. 253 of criminal law no. 11 of 2014, law no. 17 of 1990 on protection from infectious diseases, and law no. 17 of 2002 on protecting society.