Saturn to approach Venus over Qatar sky

  • 8 months   ago
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Qatar residents and all Arabic countries residents will have a good chance to see and observe the planet with beautiful rings (Saturn) approaching the brightest planet (Venus) in the evening sky on Wednesday, December 11, 2019, Qatar Calendar House (QCH) announced, Qatar Calendar House (QCH) announced.

Qatar residents will have a chance to seeing and observing Saturn at nearest point from Venus with naked eyes and astronomical telescopes on the evening sky over western horizon of Qatar sky from Sunset time till the time set of Venus and Saturn; where the Sunset time in Qatar sky will be at 4:46 Pm Doha local time, while the time set of Venus and Saturn will be at 6:54 Pm Doha local time. Astronomer expert at QCH Dr. Beshir Marzouk said.

This astronomical phenomenon is very important to can observe Saturn and Venus together on the sky, moreover, it is guiding the amateur to know the map of the sky during December, added, it validates the astronomical calculations.

An International Astronomical Union’s Minor Planet Center announced the discovery of 20 new moons orbiting Saturn, bringing the planet’s total number of moons to 82. That surpasses Jupiter, which has 79 and makes Saturn the planet with the most known moons in our solar system.

Astronomers called Venus is morning and evening star; because it's the last object hide on the morning sky before sunrise time, and it's the first object appear on the evening sky after sunset time.