Sushmita Sen wore a gown made out of curtain for Miss India finale?

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When Sushmita Sen was crowned the winner of Miss India and then Miss Universe pageant in 1994, the whole world not only got to witness her beauty and intellect, but also her undeniably stunning charisma.

As an ordinary Indian girl from New Delhi becoming the most beautiful woman in the universe, the story of Sushmita's win is nothing short of a real-life fairytale.

The way the diva owned the stage with her intelligence and beauty is still etched in the minds of people who saw her in those beauty pageants.


But there is one little secret that the world is not aware of about Sushmita's Miss India win.

Apparently, the gorgeous evening gown that the star wore during the finale of Miss India 1994, was made out of a curtain cloth.

As Sushmita came from a middle-class family, the diva could not afford an expensive gown like her fellow contestants, and therefore, she got her finale gown stitched by a local tailor.

In fact, the gloves that the diva wore with the gown were also made from socks, after she tweaked them a bit with lace.

The diva also bought a lot of her pageant clothes from Sarojini Nagar market in New Delhi.

The idea of getting the gown stitched out of curtain cloth was of Sushmita's mother, who took inspiration from various magazines.