Popular Emirati couple under fire over 'provocative' wedding party

  • 3 years   ago

"Unfortunately, this is shameless and provocative. It's also an insult to our values and traditions. We hope legal action is taken against them, if they're not held accountable over what they did today, more of this will happen in the future."    


Others thought there was nothing wrong with the celebration though...

Just an ordinary happy couple, expressing their happiness in the way they see fit. Let people live the way they want and you do the same." 

"Am I the only one who thinks Ahmed Khamis and his wife didn't do anything wrong?"

Others thought there was nothing wrong with the celebration though...

"A vain society who wants everyone to be exactly the same"

"I don't think a day will come when they accept anyone who's different from them." 

Many were upset that authorities got involved...

"Emirati authorities calling in Ahmed Khamis and Mashael al-Shehy is considered an unacceptable intrusion on their personal lives. The worst thing any nation can do is hear out a group of people attacking peaceful individuals who aren't a threat to anyone, just because they don't approve of their actions. Authorities should protect them, not call them in." 

Others sent out messages of support to the duo

Not the first time the couple's spontaneity sparks controversy

The young couple previously led to a heated online debate when Khamis surprised al-Shehy by proposing to her live on stage. 

Footage capturing the proposal broke Khaleeji internet at the time and while many thought it was a beautiful gesture, others attacked the couple for going against social norms. 

Their proposal videos, which the couple posted online in the line up to their wedding, also sparked controversy, leading them to apologize to their followers. 

Source: stepfeed