Popular Emirati couple under fire over 'provocative' wedding party

  • 3 years   ago
Popular Emirati couple under fire over 'provocative' wedding party

A UAE couple who went viral over their engagement, are making the rounds online yet again, but this time it hasn't all been positive, to say the least.

Emirati actor, Ahmed Khamis, and his bride, actress and TV presenter, Mashael al-Shehy, tied the knot over the weekend... but their celebration angered many social media users, who deemed their wedding "provocative." 

Hours after their party, videos showing the couple dancing and enjoying their wedding sent Emirati tweeps into a frenzy, with many calling on authorities to take action against them. 


The newlyweds were then called in for a talk with police

Amid the intense online backlash, Fujairah Police officials called in the couple to have a "chat" over the footage.

According to Sayidaty magazine, a top official "kindly" gave them advice over their actions. 

In a tweet posted on Sunday, the police department called on people to respect and adhere to Emirati values and traditions.  

"The general of Fujairah Police calls on all members of society to hold on to the teachings of our religion and preserve our societal values," the tweet read. 

The wedding divided people on social media...

Some harshly criticized the couple over it...

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