[PHOTOS] Get to know Miss Celine Pialago, the gorgeous MMDA spokesperson we keep seeing in the news

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[PHOTOS] Get to know Miss Celine Pialago, the gorgeous MMDA spokesperson we keep seeing in the news

You can’t help noticing her face in the news because she’s really gorgeous and you keep asking, “ang ganda naman ng MMDA spokesperson na ‘to, sino ba siya?” [This MMDA spokesperson is so lovely, who could she be?] After several days “look, it’s her again,” until you can’t take it anymore.


We feel you, dear Kicker reader, so we did a little research and here are some facts we found out about Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) Spokesperson Celine Pialago:

She joined pageants/beauty contests like Miss Philippines Earth and Pinay Beauty Queen Academy under the name Pircelyn Pialago  (Hence, Celine)

She was born on May 22, 1992 (that makes her a Gemini woman and 25 years old as of this posting)

She studied AB Mass Communication Major in Broadcasting at Miriam College

She has a Master’s Degree in Journalism acquired from Ateneo de Manila University

She was a journalist at a young age and has worked for PTV 4

As we scrolled on the internet to find out more, we stumbled upon an article by Autocar Philippines and we found out some interesting personal and professional information:

Unlike stereotypical beauty queens who are too demure and “can’t hurt a thing”, Celine could fight.

She often gets into fights and arguments with erring and arrogant motorists because she usually joins operations in the field and confronts the drivers herself

She often gets drivers who play the “cute card” on her but it doesn’t work

Celine practices her gun-shooting skills. She even captioned a photo of herself at a firing range “Warning : Breaking my heart is dangerous to your health”

She loves food but also loves staying fit and healthy based on her Instagram posts

She seem to have a fondness for shoes (take note, boys)

Like almost every lady at her age this 2018, she loves taking  selfies, and even groufies with the MMDA force at the field

We may have unintentionally portrayed Celine having a strong personality but the lady needs to be tough; given her job. She was reportedly bullied as a child because of her skin color. And in this modern day wherein bullying have become high-tech, she became “the talk of the town” and got cyberbullied when she accidentally said “passed away” instead of “passed out” while referring to a fellow contestant in an interview during the Miss Earth pageant in 2014.

She apologized via Facebook, but hey, even having a perfect score in grammar school doesn’t give you the right to bully other people, right?

Overall, Celine is more than just a pretty face, but let’s get back to one of the reasons that caught our attention, her beauty! Check out some of her photos:


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When you miss your body that much! Diet starts tomorrow.:)

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