Why Qatar is best at caring for the Elderly and People with Special Needs?

  • 2 weeks   ago

The true face of a nation's position is measured on how well it attends and protects the rights of its citizens and residents taking it as the responsibility of the state. This is why the Ministry of Interior (MoI) strives to provide easy services to elderly people and persons with special needs.

MoI established a Section of  the elderly and people with Special Needs to provide various services and facilities they need in one place, considering their personal and social circumstances. It was the latest addition to a series of services provided for them by the Ministry of Interior, such fees exemption, priority in employment or Amir service in all MoI Services Centres.

The Section of the Elderly and Persons with Special Needs was  established under the General Administration of Borders Passports and Expatriates Affairs as per the decree by the Minister of State for Interior Affairs No. (31) for the year 2012.

Services Offered by the Department:

1. Special Lounge for Elderly People and Persons with Special Needs: 

A special lounge is facilitated with all means for the persons with special needs and elderly people in the building of the General Directorate to provide necessary services for them so that they can get their transactions and services completed with maximum speed.

2. Exemptions from Fees

According to the Ministerial decree No 17 for the year 2008, the Ministry of Interior has exempted some categories of citizens from paying the fee for some of its services and various certificates issued by the Ministry, as stipulated by Law No. 38 for the year 1955. The beneficiaries of this move are those who receive monthly pension. These categories are widows, divorcees, needy families, orphans, the physically challenged, people who are unfit to work, elderly people, families of prisoners, and families of missing persons.  

• Issuance and renewal of passport 

• Issuance and renewal of personal Id 

• Amendment in digital certificate and renewal

• Issuance and renewal of driving license 

• Issuance and renewal of driving learning permit 

• Issuance of registration card for one vehicle and its renewal

• Certificates issued by the Ministry 

• Issuance and renewal of visa and residence permit, sponsorship transfer, ID card and for an exit permit for one expatriate under personal sponsorship working as teacher, nurse, driver, servant, cook or housemaid) 

3. Amir Services:

It is a special service presented for the senior citizens and persons with special needs in all service centres. Through this service the beneficiaries will be received and hosted in a special area to help them to complete their transactions and provide all services.

4. Employment of Persons with Special Needs: 

Persons with different disabilities are employed in different department under the Ministry of Interior whereas the section assess the disability conditions of the persons referred by the HRD to choose the area of the works they are capable, as per their abilities, possibilities and qualification.

5. Emergency Services for the Deaf:

The Emergency Service for the Deaf is a distinctive service for persons with special needs whereas the number (992) is specified at the Operations Room in National Command Centre (NCC) to provide the services they require or report through sign language while fire or any other incidents occur. 

Functions of the Section

• To supervise on the services provided for the persons with special needs and elderly people by the General Directorate of Borders Passport and Expatriate Affairs.

• To coordinate with other departments in the Ministry to develop the quality of the services provided for the elderly people and people with special needs to ensure comprehensiveness and meet the demands of those people by removing all objections or obstacles that they face. 

• To coordinate with Human Resource Department and Medical Service Department under the Ministry to find out the possibilities of job for the persons with special needs who applied for job in different departments of the Ministry and propose suitable job fort them. 

• To coordinate with the Strategic Planning Department of the Ministry of Interior to set measures and index on the performance of the services provided for those people and study the results of the evaluation in order to ensure the requested objectives.  

• To organize lectures for MoI department staffs to introduce how to behave with persons with special needs and elderly people, in coordination with the concerned authorities. 

• To provide training for the employees among the persons with special needs at General Directorate of Border Passports and Expatriate Affairs and its departments in accordance with the annual training strategy and participate them in the awareness seminars and other programmes under competent authorities in this field. 

• To conduct researches and studies regarding elderly people and people with special needs and follow up the results and proposals through coordination with related departments. 


Its vision is to reach up the excellent quality standard in service of the elderly people and people with special needs to meet their desires and simplify the procedures in order to make them dynamic and active in sustainable social and economic growth and show off their abilities by means of realistic partnership in order to fulfill National Vision 2030.  


Strategic Objectives: 

• To spread social awareness about the importance of self-reliance of the people with special needs.

• To simplify the procedures in order to get the services provided for the persons with special needs.

• To make an intelligent system to evaluate and follow up the services and facilities provided for the persons with special needs. 

• To give better chances for the persons with special needs to ease their procedures and provide means of comfort to them.

• To strengthen the vision of the person with special needs and make him confident in his abilities and inspire him to do his tasks by himself and build up safe social relations. 

• To change people’s opinion and their anticipations about  the abilities of the persons with special needs from negative aspects to positive. 

Source: Ministry of Interior