What You Need to Know About Qatar Customs' Operations in Hamad Airport - Statement from Customs Director

  • 2 months   ago

“We have customs points operating 24 hours in private aircraft facilities.”

Thus said the Director of Customs Department in Hamad International Airport, Ajab Mansour Alqahtani in his statement in Qatar Customs October 2020 Newsletter.

He added that there are customs points operating 24 hours in the private aircraft facilities at Hamad Airport, represented by the department's external lounges section which supervises all procedures and the ways of implementing them in the facilities.

Hamad airport customs have modern and sophisticated equipment to Inspect and examine goods.

During the coronavirus (Covid-19 pandemic, Hamad airport customs follows all precautionary measures for the passengers and employees’ safety.

In order to clarify the role of Hamad Airport Customs and the tasks, a dialogue was held with the Director, who provided the most important functions of the department and how to deal with the goods that are seized by the inspectors of the port, and other matters that you will find in the following dialogue:

We welcome you and we are glad to learn about the most prominent functions of Hamad Airport Customs Department and its sections. - Qatar Customs

The Customs Department at Hamad Airport monitors the movement of passengers, inspects them and inspects their luggage, monitors the entry of goods with passengers, and combats customs smuggling, in addition to monitoring the movement of currencies, precious metals or gemstones and terminating their procedures according to the agreements related to anti-money laundering, terrorist financing and other specialties that the administration supervises and implements.

How to deal with the goods that you find the prohibited materials inside it?

By writing the seizure reports related to the incident and then completing the remaining procedures with the relevant authorities, according to the type of seizures.

What are the main authorities you work with to complete the seizure tasks?

After completion of the seizure reports, legal procedures are completed through the Legal affairs Department of GAC and other competent external departments such as the Public Administration for Drug Control, the capital Security Department, the Airport Security Department and other security services.

Is there customs control over the private aircraft facilities at Hamad Airport, and what are the measures taken for that?

Yes, there are customs points that operate 24 hours a day in the private aircraft facilities at Hamad Airport, in the external lounges section of the administration, and they supervise all procedures and their implementation in the facilities listed.

What are the latest equipment used for checking baggage and how many are they?

We have in the Customs Department of Hamad International Airport many used and state-of-the-art inspection devices, including baggage checking devices which supervised by the Department of Devices and Control, hand baggage inspection devices, and viscera inspection devices, which are supervised by the Passenger Section of the Administration.

Are there border measures at customs ports to protect intellectual property rights related to goods from violation and piracy?

All procedures and laws related to intellectual property rights are implemented and verified by the Customs Operations Section of the Hamad Airport Customs Department in coordination with the media authorities and other bodies of the same competence.

What are the goods subject to customs duties that are accompanied by travellers, and what are the customs procedures for clearance?

All goods that are subject to customs duties as provided by the Customs Law and its implementing regulations are transferred from the Passenger Department to the Customs Operations Department restricting authorities if the type of goods requires it.

In light of Corona pandemic (Covid-19), how is the movement of travellers monitored, whether in the passenger terminal, transit or through the ministerial passenger terminal, and how they are inspected and their luggage examined in accordance with the provisions of the law?

The procedures followed considering the Corona pandemic require taking all precautionary measures for the safety of travellers and employees alike. The General Authority of Customs , headed by His Excellency the chairman of the GAC and his assistants provided all preventive requirements, in implementation of the instructions of the Supreme Committee for Crisis Management, which ensured the flow of work and its proper application With the application of precautionary measures.


What are the precautionary measures used by the administration and employees to keep them safe from infection with Coronavirus?

The General Authority of Customs distributed appropriate quantities of masks, full protective clothing for employees, and sanitizers, and made sure of the safety of employees by monitoring the employees'

Ehteraz application daily and changing the system of working shifts in the port in line with the directives of the Supreme Committee for Crisis Management. 

Source: Qatar Customs