What goods need to be re-exported? Learn the process of re-exporting goods in Qatar

  • 5 months   ago

"Re-export of Goods in Qatar" has been published in October 2020 Newsletter of Qatar Customs, and it explains how the authorities are managing the entire process. It also provided guidelines on what goods are needed to be re-exported and what's not.

Re-exports means export of foreign goods which already imported to the country from a foreign country.

If any goods manufactured within the country which moves outside the country, such movement of goods are called ‘exports’. However, if any goods already imported in to a country and the same goods are again exported to either to same country or to some other country, such movement of goods is called ‘Re export.’


Goods shall be re-exported in the following cases:

- Imported goods that have not been withdrawn from customs warehouses.

- Goods imported into the country under the temporary entry status.

- Goods in warehouses as one of the conditions suspending of customs taxes “duties”.

- Foreign goods paid customs taxes "duties".

- Foreign goods from the local market (without reference to a previous statement).

- Goods rejected by the competent authority.

- Goods imported for re-export.

2. The exporter, his representative, or customs broker (authorized) may submit customs documentation, documents and information to the Customs Service electronically, provided that the Customs Service is provided before or after the goods are removed with the original documents upon request.

3. Other charges may be prepaid according to the automatic clearance system applied to each customs service.

4. The possibility of Pre-customs clearance according to the automatic clearance system applied in each customs service.

5. Re-exporting of prohibited goods domestically, internationally or under international conventions and treaties in force, is prohibited.

The Customs Service may request the translation of foreign invoices/documents into Arabic.

Required documents to prepare the unified customs declaration:

- A copy of the first import declaration from the controls mentioned in item 1

- The invoice.

- Measures:

The exporter or his representative or the (authorized) customs broker shall automatically organize and submit the unified customs declaration.


- Submit all documents and requirements to the customs service.

- Pay the other fees due.


The goods are subject to inspection according to risk criteria, and for the purposes of refunding customs taxes "duties" or returning / releasing cash or bank guarantees.

The goods are matched with the documents of the first customs declaration according to which the goods were imported, and the customs declaration is printed according to the Automated clearance system followed at the customs office.

Issuing the departure permit and clearing the goods.

Source: Qatar Customs