MADLSA: Qatar Labor Law Amendments Apply to All Citizens and Residents

  • 2 months   ago

A ministry official has pointed out that the the labor law amendments allowing a laborer to change an employer in Qatar, applies to all workers in the private sector including citizens and residents alike.

 "There are many citizens who work in various companies and entities in the private sector, and the law allows them to move to other entities of the same sector. The conditions and regulations related to the law are applicable to them, if they wish to change their employers when their getting better job opportunities," says Mr. Mohammed Hassan Al Obaidli, Assistant Undersecretary for Labor Affairs at the Ministry of Administrative Development, Labor and Social Affairs (MADLSA).


According to Mr. Al Obaidli, in a news published by the Al Raya Newspaper, and shared by the Hukoomi e-Government Portalthe labor law amendments are consistent with the goals of human development under the Qatar National Vision 2030. He added that these amendments are consistent with MADLSA's goals and strategy to maintain skilled labor inside the State of Qatar. 

He clarified that giving a laborer the freedom of movement inside the Qatar labor market in accordance with regulations will contribute to maintaining qualified persons in the labor market, and it allows employers to select skilled labor in the State, in order to bolster their business activities.

He further stated that this would have a positive impact on increasing productivity and bolstering the economy's strength, something which would be in the interest of attracting foreign investment because of available economic environment that stimulates production and investment.     

He noted that all workers of the sector might benefit from the amendments.

Source: Hukoomi - Qatar e-Government Portal