How to Avoid Being Blackmailed in Qatar?

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The Legal & Judicial Studies Center raises Legal Awareness on Cybercrimes (Cyber-Blackmail) in Qatar with a guide that you can download here.

The Cybercrime guidelines in the State of Qatar are as follows:

Penalty Prescribed by Law:

Article (9) of Law No (14) of 2014 promulgating the Cybercrime Prevention Law (Cybercrime Law) states:

"A person who ever violates this, shall be punished with imprisonment for no longer than three (3) years and with a fine of no more than QAR 100,000 (one-hundred thousand Qatari Riyals, or with either of these two penalties."

Rejection of Cyber-Blackmail:

-Stop communicating with blackmailer regardless of pressure practiced on you.

-Resort to a family member

- Report blackmail to the authorities concerned which will confidentially take all necessary action

Law Protect Society Members from Blackmail Crimes:

-Deterrent penalties against blackmailer

-Confiscation of devices used in the crime

How to Avoid Being Blackmailed?

- Do not reply to any chat requests from an unknown user

- Avoid posting personal information online

- Do not accept any video call requests that you receive from users you do not know

- Do not be deceived by profile pictures, but always check the identity of senders

What Are the Materials Used in Cyber-Blackmail Crimes?

- Photos

- Videos

- Messages

- Recorded Materials

Demands Come as Shock:

1- Taking a specific action (transferring a certain amount of money)

2- Refusing to do a specific action (ending a relation with a member in the community)

3 - Others

In this case, we will have one of the following situations:

- Responding to cyber-blackmail

- Rejecting cyber-blackmail

Types of Cybercrimes:

- Threatening and blackmailing

- Spying and privacy violation

- Cybercrimes of insult and libel

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The Concept of Cybercrimes:

They are crimes committed in purpose to damage reputation of victims by the use of modern communication networks.

Definition of Cyber-Blackmail:

It is an act of threatening and intimidating to share photos or video materials or to leak confidential information about a victim unless money is paid or a demand for the victim to carry out illegal acts is met.

How Cyber-Blackmail Crime Begins?


-Friendly relations


There has been a widespread use of emails and various social media platfroms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.


Reasons for Using Internet:

- Communicating with friends and family

- Business and educational purposes

- Playing electronic games

- Listening to audio materials

- Watching movies

- Others

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Source: Ministry of Justice