Female workers too entitled to all benefits in Qatar

  • 8 months   ago
Female workers too entitled to all benefits in Qatar

Question: What protection do the laws of Qatar provide to foreign workers in respect to wages, working hours (winter / summer), off days and terminal benefits and repatriation? Also does the Qatar Labour Law mention anything about the of service benefit for locally hired females, who are under the sponsorship of their husbands? - HG, Doha

Answer: There is no minimum wage law or regulation in Qatar. However on working hours and weekend off days effective provisions are available. The maximum hours of work per week are 48 and a day is eight hours excluding the lunch break. During Ramadan the working hours are reduced to 36 per week/six hours per day. The law provides one interval of between 1-3 hours or more for prayer, rest or meals. Also it is stipulated that a worker shall not work for more than five consecutive hours and Friday is the weekly rest day for all workers except shift workers. If required to work on weekends then the worker is entitled to overtime payments. During the summer months, the Labour Ministry normally sets out permitted working for those working outside.

In the matter of end of service benefit, after one year’s continuous service, the employee is entitled - unless summarily dismissed - to at least three week’s salary for each year of service. The Labour Law requires that men and women in the same workplace be given equal pay for equal work. All forms of pay are covered including salary, overtime pay, vacation and holiday pay and the end of service benefits. Accordingly female employees, though they are under the sponsorship of their husbands are entitled to end of service benefits.


Upon end of the service of the worker, the employer shall at his own cost return the worker to the place from where he was recruited or to any place agreed upon by the parties. The employer shall complete the proceedings of returning the worker within a period not exceeding two weeks from the expiry date of the contract. If the worker joins another employer before his departure from the state, the obligation to return him to his country or other place shall shift to the other employer.

 By Nizar Kochery