Employees rights in Qatar and the solution in case of withheld or delayed salary

  • 1 month ago

The laws put by the State of Qatar guarantee the rights and salaries of employees of all nationalities. In case there is any dispute in the matter of salaries between the employee and the employer, any employee working in any company in Qatar can complain to Work Relations Department in the Ministry of Administrative Development Labor and Social Affairs, known as (MADLSA). This is stated in the Qatar Labor Law, Article number 3 of 2014 Law.

If anyone needs to submit a labor complaint to MADLSA, there are many ways to do that, an SMS can be sent to 92727, which is supported 24/7 in many languages, the complainant just has to type 5 then the Qatar ID number or Visa number and then send the message. In addition to that, MADLSA offers a hotline number: 16008 to complain on call, and an email address to complain in writing and in detail (if the complainant needs to), their email address is info@adlsa.gov.qa .


In a sincere effort to reduce the social and economic damage incurred by the nation and during the start of the lockdown due to efforts of combating COVID-19 Pandemic, MADLSA released a statement addressed to employers and employees, in that statement MADLSA direst the businesses who haven’t stopped due to the restrictions imposed due to COVID-19, to pay the basic salaries and necessary allowances, such as food and accommodation. 

In addition to that, MADLSA directs the businesses who stopped due to the restrictions imposed due to COVID-19, to discuss the situation with the employees and come to common terms that satisfy both of the parties; i.e. the employer and the employees. For example, the employees can take unpaid leave, or apply for the annual leave, or reduce the working hours, but in any case, the employer cannot stop the food and accommodation allowances or services provided for the employees.