Cancellation of residence and returning back to home country

  • 5 months   ago
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I have a legal question and I hope that you can help me. I have resigned my job and I want to return to my home country. Can you please tell me what is the procedure to cancel my residency (I am aware that this part is supposed to be done with my company?) I have already cancelled residency for my wife, since she was under my sponsorship. Can my company cancel my residency while I am still working for them? This would be the best case scenario for me. We go and cancel my residency, I continue working for them till my resignation notice expires and day after that I leave the country.


Name withheld

Answer: When your residence is cancelled you are given one month temporary visa to wind up your activities in Kuwait and leave. The company will therefore be breaking the law if they cancel your residence and keep you to work for them to cover the three-month notification period. Note, also that if you are working without a valid residence permit you will be considered as illegal and subject to deportation.