Attacking someone online can land you in prison or face 100,000 QAR penalty in Qatar

  • 1 month ago

Have you been cyberbullied? Did someone post something offensive and obscene words against you on social media? If yes, then here's what you need to know:

The Legal & Judicial Studies Center issued a Legal Awareness-Raising Material for public guidance on Cybercrime of Insult and Libel Law in Qatar.

This awareness-raising material which you can download from here aims at defining the cybercrimes of insult and libel as prescribed by Qatar's Promulgating Cybercrime Prevention Law, which is outlined below:

1 - The concept of the cybercrimes of insult and libel

2 - The difference between insult and libel

3 - The tools used in carrying out this type of crimes

Legal Punishment:

In accordance with Article (8) of Law (14) of 2014 promulgating the Cybercrime Prevention Law, a person committing a cybercrime of insult and libel may receive:

A sentence of not more than three (3) years in prison and a fine of not more than QAR100,000 or either of these two penalties.

In case of cybercrime of insult and libel, you may:

1 - Avoid responding to offense

2 - Resort to a family member to discuss the issue

3 - Report to the State authorities concerned, represented by the Center for Combating Cybercrimes, the Criminal Investigation Department.

Means of Expression through Which Crime is Committed:

1 - Audio clips: audio recordings created by the offender to hurl insult and libel at the victim for, eventually, posting them on social networking applications, such as WhatsApp and others.

2 - Video clips: a group of footage created and organized by the offender to hurl insults at the victim by posting them on social networking platforms, such as Snapchat, YouTube, and WhatsApp.

3 - Writing: posting messages and graphics that contain insult and libel by sharing them on the Internet via Twitter and Facebook.

4 - Redesigning and altering photos to show fake images of the victims: such as changing the victim's appearance, and sharing them with people through the Internet.

Basic Concepts:

Cybercrimes: Crimes intentionally committed against individuals to damage their reputation by the use of modern communication networks.

Cybercrime - Posting offensive and obscence words against one or more persons

Of Insult: on e-news websites, e-forums, e-mails, and social networking platforms.

Libel: Making certain allegation(s) against someone that is punishable by law, deemed an assault against decency or dignity, or may cause people to hate or scorn that person.

Insult: A publicly verbal assault against others by using words considered to be an assault against decency or dignity.

Difference between Insult and Libel:

Libel is making a certain allegation against someone whether true or not. Insult is established by giving someone certain descriptions related to external form, actions, or behavior that indicate the meaning of scorn and humiliation.


What is the reason of the widely spread cybercrimes of insult and libel?

Some people tend to involve in this type of crimes as they believe it is difficult for others to discover their identity, despite the fact that there are specific ways used to prove cybercrimes that differ from other traditional crimes.

A cybercriminal act requires a digital environment and an available online connection, which can be easily tracked down and proven in the present era.

Source: Ministry of Justice