Are you having issues with your family members? Contact Qatar's family helpline

  • 2 months   ago

According to Hukoomi e-Government Portal, the Family Consulting Center (Wifaq) provides free counseling on family issues over the telephone. The service is confidential and may be useful for those who cannot come in for private sessions.

Consultants from the center are equipped with the in-depth training and experience to cover a broad range of issues, including psychological, social, educational, behavioral and domestic problems.

Access Service

To speak with a consultant, contact the call center on 16003 and ask to be redirected.

Request a Family Consultation

The Family Consulting Center (Wifaq) also provides counseling and consultation services for families dealing with psychological, social, domestic, educational, Sharia-related and legal issues. The center is staffed with professionals who are equipped with quality training and experience to help you preserve the unity of family.
Online Instructions
Visit Wifaq website.
Click "Consultation" under E-Services.
Fill out the "Request a Consultation" form, entering all the required details.
Click "Send".
No fees are required for this service.
Additional Information
To book an appointment with a counselor or consultant over the phone, you can call the hotline 16003 or 44069902.

Source: Hukoomi - Qatar e-Government Portal