Woman sues Hilton for $100million after she was secretly filmed in the shower and then blackmailed

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Woman sues Hilton for $100million after she was secretly filmed in the shower and then blackmailed

A Chicago lady is suing Hilton Worldwide for $100 million, claming she was filmed naked in the shower by a hidden camera while a hotel guest - then blackmailed, footage uploaded with her name onto different pornography sites. 

The lady was a guest at a Hampton Inn and Suites inn in Albany, the capital of New York state, in July 2015 while taking a bar exam after graduating from law school.

She was recorded, completely nude, while taking a shower by a hidden camera, the 19-page claim claims. 

However, she was blissfully ignorant until September 2018 September 2018,  after three three years, She got an email saying "this is you right?" with a link to the video on a pornography site  published her full name. 

The same person, claiming "I'm a perv,"  and  sent many threatening emails, professing to know where she went to university and where she worked.

The video appeared on a string of other porn sites, When the threats went  unheeded  ,  Her Colleagues, former classmates and friends received a new version of the video, sent from a fake email address set up in her name. 


The blackmailer then demanded an immediate payment of $2,000 followed by $1,000 a month for a year, the lawsuit claims, also alleging that other individuals were recorded in a similar room at a similar Hampton Inn. 

"We take the security and wellbeing of our guests amazingly truly, and find the details included in the civil filing distressing,"  said a representative for Hilton, the parent organization of Hampton Inn. 

"We focus on supporting the independent ownership and management of the property as they investigate, react and coordinate with any law enforcement investigations," the statement added.

A representative for the Hampton Inn being referred to said they were " shocked to learn of the allegations"  late Monday, saying that no recording gadgets "of any kind" had been found at the property. 

"The safety and security of our guests is our highest priority, and we emphatically don't accept   any form of this type of invasion of privacy," the property said in an announcement. 

"Recently, the hotel underwent a complete renovation. During that process, no recording gadgets of any kind were uncovered," it added, promising to work with authorities to discover and hold accountable the perpetrator.

Source: ndtv