Wife burned husband alive when he refused to give her his phone’s PIN code

  • 1 month ago
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A spouse has been captured after her she allegedly killed her husband by setting him ablaze for refusing to give her access to his mobile. 

Ilham Cahyani, 25, asked Dedi Purnama, 26, for the password while he was taking a shot at the top of their home fixing tiles. Be that as it may, they began contending and he moved down off the rooftop and hit her. 

They began to think about each other until Cahyani supposedly grasped a container of oil and poured it over Dedi. She at that point set him land utilizing a lighter in the town of Pandanwangi, Indonesia. 


An observer distinguished as Oji advised columnists he had kept running over to the scene subsequent to recognizing the blazes and helped put them out. 

Police chief Made Yogi uncovered Purnama was hurried to the Keruak Health Center and experienced treatment for two days for the consumes. 

Pictures from doctor's facility demonstrate extensive parts of his body canvassed in consumes as he lay biting the dust at a wellbeing focus. Dedi kicked the bucket following two days after the fact. Spouse Cahyani has been captured and apparently stays in care at East Lombok Regional Police Station.