Viral Video: Elephant Steals Bananas From Truck On Highway

  • 7 months   ago

• An elephant stole bananas from a highway truck

• The video of the ‘daylight robbery’ went viral on social media

• Netizens debated over the video and the elephant’s antics

Fruits are loved by humans and animals alike, which is why we often see videos of animals enjoying fruits going viral on social media. Animals such as elephants often try to procure their favourite fruits, even if it involves using the wrong means. Recently, one such video surfaced which featured an elephant stealing a bunch of bananas from a local truck on a highway. Calling it a ‘daylight robbery’, IFS officer Parveen Kaswan shared the video on Twitter which soon went viral. Take a look:

The video shared on November 11 garnered more than 278k views and counting. In the video, we could see a truck driver stopping due to an elephant crossing the highway. The elephant got its trunk into the truck and started groping around for food. The driver helped bring a bunch of bananas into its grasp, after which the elephant retrieved its trunk and let the truck go.



Several users shared their reactions to the video online. While many users found the video quite amusing, others thought it was quite dangerous for the truck driver as he could have been seriously injured.

Parveen Kaswan too warned users in another tweet, writing, “This is why you see, do not feed wild animals’ board near forest area. They become habitual of new taste. And keep coming to road & near human. This is not helpful to them in long run.”

Take a look at what Twitterati said about the video:

Source: Fyidaily